Here Comes the Next F150… From Ferrari!

Ferrari F150

The Ferrari F150.

If you’re imagining a Rosso Corsa pickup with 4-wheel-drive and a Prancing Horse logo, I politely ask you to get your head out of the gutter.

Ferrari’s F150 is no truck.

If the name sticks, the F150 will become what’s also been known as the F70, or, more familiarly, the successor to the great Enzo. What you see above is the best tease so far of what’s in store and, design-wise, it already puts the Enzo to shame.

Back in 2011, Ferrari and Ford settled a lawsuit involving Ferrari’s naming of a Formula 1 race car. The Ferrari racer was originally called “F150,” but shortly after Ford’s lawyers stepped in and claimed infringement on Ford’s truck brand, the name got changed to the “F150th Italia.” Yeah, awkward.

It’s a little hard to believe that the new production Ferrari will wear the F150 name, even though there would obviously be no confusion between the American work truck and what could be the most advanced supercar in the world. But hey, I don’t make up the rumors, I just spread ’em.

Name aside, the real excitement for the Enzo successor lies in its specs.

Ferrari F150, rear

According to Ferrari’s official online magazine, the new ultracar will feature a carbon fiber monocoque (also known as unibody) chassis built in “an almost handmade style” using four types of the composite material. Don’t know what that means? Yeah, me either. One thing for sure, the design and materials will keep weight to a minimum, and that’s really all that matters.

Power should come from a V12 engine good for 800 horsepower, plus a HY-KERS system good for an additional 100 horses. This is a car that has potential to weigh in at under 3,000 pounds, which could mean performance levels the human race really hasn’t seen before.

If that’s true, Ferrari can call this car whatever it wants.

Will you follow the development of the Ferrari F150? We can hardly take our eyes off it!


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