Used Find of the Week: A Presidential Pickup

George Bush's Ford truck

How to know you’re rich:

You need a truck for your ranch. Not to do a lot of work, but just to get from one part of the ranch to another. You’ll probably have some passengers now and then—you know, the usual: family, friends, world dignitaries and the like. Your truck won’t ever be driven on public roads—it’ll stay on the ranch all the time. You have other vehicles for taking into public spaces, or someone drives for you.

Your ranch truck can’t just be an old beater, like every other ranch truck in the fields of these great United States. No, a 1972 Ford F-100 won’t do at all. You need leather, heated seats and four doors. You need to buy a brand-new Ford F-150 King Ranch.

If you’re George W. Bush in 2009, that’s exactly what you did.

The truck used by the 43rd president around his Crawford, Texas, ranch will be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson next month with the proceeds of the sale going to the Fisher House Foundation, a national program dedicated to assisting America’s military families.

As a part of the auction, President Bush autographed the instrument panel, and there will also be an accompanying video of him signing and driving the truck. (Side note: I hope that video goes viral. Seems like it would be particularly funny with a banjo music bed.)

On the Barrett-Jackson site, President Bush was quoted as saying,

I haven’t driven on a street in many, many years, but I have been able to drive this truck on my ranch. I want to thank all those who are supporting the Fisher House. In supporting the Fisher House, you’re supporting our veterans. And in supporting our veterans, you’re helping America.

If the surely too-high auction price is too much for your taste in ranch trucks, check out the CarGurus used listings for plenty of quality used vehicles surely to provide years of service… on or off the ranch.

Would you pay any more for a vehicle once owned by a president?


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