More Leaked Info, Drawings of C7 Corvette

C7 Corvette drawing, rear

When you’re looking forward to the introduction of a new car model, you scour the web and lap up any new information you can find.

Spy shots provide a glimpse into the future, new official specs or performance numbers from the automaker help wet that whistle, and leaked drawings from owners’ manuals can send expectant fans into a tizzy.

That’s the case with the coming C7 Corvette, a highly anticipated car due for its official debut in just three weeks.

Leaked service guide or owners’ manual drawings have been published online, which show the coupe’s exterior, rear end and inside the rear hatch, then cover details of the cockpit, seats and engine bay.

I foresee Corvette fanboys having a problem with the Camaro-esque taillights on the C7. If the drawing is accurate, I think the rear is a bit bulky but certainly a major improvement over the current-generation car.

The Corvette Forum originally published a set of photos, but later removed them. Corvette Blogger has all the photos and some interesting insight into the car, including some cool features:

Engine Sound Management:
This allows how robust or quiet the engine will sound. Select Auto, Stealth, City, Tour, Sport, Track or Off.

Active Rev Match (ARM):
Vehicles equipped with a manual transmission have ARM. ARM aids in smoother shifting by matching the engines [sic] speed to the next selected gear. By monitoring shift lever and clutch operation, ARM adjusts engine speed to match a calibrated value. On downshifts, engine speed will be increased before the clutch is engaged. On upshifts, engine speed is reduced to the calibrated value. Rev matching is maintained for a few seconds between shifts, then deactivates if the shift is not completed, and engine speed returns to idle.

Performance Data Recorder:
If equipped, the Performance Data Recorder (PDR) has an icon on the Home Page screen. The PDR records video, audio, and vehicle data. This data is stored on an SD Card accessible by the driver.

Pretty cool technology for sure! I don’t know that I’m a huge fan of Active Rev Match, though. I’ve worked hard to practice heel-toe shifting and would hate to see a car take away yet another driver skill. It was only a matter time, I suppose.

Does anything here excite you about the C7 Corvette?


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