What Would a smart SUV Be Called? We’ll Soon Find Out

The naming strategy for smart isn’t hard to figure out. Its subcompact vehicle, which seats two, is known as the ‘fortwo.’

While predictable and fairly generic, it’s at least better than many of the alpha-numeric monikers other automakers are slapping onto the rear ends of their cars. Sure, smart could’ve imitated Saab’s 9-3 and called its car the 4-2, but it opted to keep things simple and let the name tell consumers exactly what the car is for.

It works.

So when smart announces more models coming down the pipe, it’s not hard to guess what the names will be.

For 2014, smart plans to bring a small sedan to the market and call it, get ready for this, the forfour. (Seriously.) Auto Express claims that smart will also introduce a small SUV, which will probably carry a name that correlates to its seating capacity. The fourfive seems like a logical choice, though maybe we’ll see something more like the ‘forfamily’ or the ‘forpeoplewholiketinycars.’

The designs for the forfour and the as-of-yet unnamed SUV are inspired by recent concepts like the 2011 forvision and the 2012 forstars (pictured on top of this story).

Back in November I posted a blog about using removable tablets in place of center stacks in cars, and wouldn’t you know it, it seems execs at smart read our blog. Auto Express also says both the fortwo and forfour will offer a removable tablet as a center stack display screen. How about that.

In a partnership between Daimler, owner of smart, and Nissan, smart could also add a new “off-roader” based on the next-generation Nissan Juke, which could arrive by late 2015. Its name? May I submit: ‘fortheoneswhothinkjukeisugly.’

Is smart on the right track by adding new, bigger, models to its lineup?


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