Cars Coming Soon: Chrysler to Bring More FIAT, Alfa Romeo Cars to U.S.

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C: The future of Chrysler is bright

“What Chrysler would you buy today? What does the future hold for coming cars, and when will FIAT’s influence be noticed?”

These questions surfaced while out for a couple of pints with the guys this week. You might think we’d talk about girls and football and other exciting, enticing topics. But no, we talk about Chrysler instead.

FIAT’s ownership of Chrysler is already being felt. In fact, it might be the best thing to ever happen to the Auburn Hills company. Net income for 2012 approached $2 billion. Market share grew to over 11%. The new Dodge Dart is based on FIAT architecture. Good things are happening at Chrysler, with even more good coming. New vehicles of all kinds are on the way for all brands that now sit under FIAT’s U.S. umbrella.

In the next two to three years, FIAT will offer 7 new vehicles in the U.S., while Alfa Romeo will introduce 5. We expect the stunning Alfa Romeo 4C will make it to our market this year.

As for Chrysler’s more familiar brands, many new models and refreshes are on the way in the coming years, including new vehicles for Chrysler, a Ram-badged version of a small FIAT commercial van, a small FIAT-built Jeep and the return of an all-American favorite: the 7-seat Grand Wagoneer. Plenty of Dodge vehicles will get refreshes this year and next, along with an all-new model by 2016. The new SRT Viper is already scheduled for an update in 2015.

Chrysler-FIAT business plan

To answer the question of what Chrysler I would buy today, hands down it would be the all-new 2014 Grand Cherokee, which just underwent some extensive, and expensive, changes. CEO Sergio Marchionne said,

The amount of intervention and the size of the intervention on that vehicle is staggering.

Which is exactly why Chrysler needs the Italian ownership of FIAT.

What Chrysler vehicle, current or future, would you buy?


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