Super Bowl’s Over, Let’s Move On

Chevrolet Corvette

Congratulations to the Ravens and Baltimore fans everywhere!

While the game was electrifying, I thought the advertisements overall were severely lacking in energy this year. It’s like the power went out on all of them even before the Superdome went dark. My favorite car ad was the Audi prom spot. The Chrysler/Ram Paul Harvey spot almost made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. The others were just mediocre.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to cars rather than the outlandish, extravagant attempts to sell them. Yes, we need vehicles to serve the mundane and much-needed transportation services of daily life, and I find irony in the fact that we often buy them based on some perceived emotion or extreme experience marketing people promise they will provide.

True car enthusiasts can look past overly produced TV commercials and buy based on other, more meaningful, factors.

One of those factors might be the car’s future collector value. Make it affordable and fun to drive as well, and the deal closes itself! What 2013 cars could be future collectibles?

Our friends at Hagerty Insurance, which specializes in insuring collector cars, have a line on what modern cars could become collectibles.

All the vehicles Hagerty mentions are priced below $100,000, though for many of us they might as well cost a million. However, the three most inexpensive cars are well within reach and might be good choices for the car buyer unaffected by modern advertising but motivated by true performance and possibility.

The Ford Focus ST, Volkswagen GTI and Subaru BRZ are priced roughly between $23,000 and $26,000. Each offers a unique blend of performance and value for the money, along with the chance of being desired in the future as cars that defined the second decade of the 21st century.

Moving up the price ladder, we find the MINI John Cooper Works GP at about $40,000. Only 500 copies will be sold in the U.S. Also on the list are the Tesla Model S, the Camaro ZL1 convertible, Porsche Cayman S, Audi RS5, the C6 Corvette convertible and the SRT Viper.

The common theme in all of these future collectibles is performance. Minivans and crossovers may offer convenience and be the topics of multi-million-dollar TV ads, but performance cars are the heart of the industry and keep it driving ahead.

What future collectible car would you own?


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