Chrysler Muddies Up Brand Image with Gift Registry

2013 Dodge Dart

Can't afford one? Have someone buy it for you

The Internet is a crazy place.

Where else can someone go with the intent of researching auto-industry news and end up instead looking at 7 bad pictures of Beyonce?

Thanks to the Internet, we can all see a 1945 Bugatti Veyron or attend an auto show from the comfort of bed. The Internet can do almost anything we want, and now, it might even be able to provide the cash needed to buy a brand-new car.


I noticed an article buried on the Chrysler blog yesterday. It was posted on January 31 and had this headline:

Want: New Car. Need: Cash. Solution: Dodge Dart Registry

Naturally curious, I had to know more. I read in disbelief about a new website where people who want a new Dodge Dart can create a page and ask other people to buy it for them.

The company that just spent millions on Super Bowl advertising touting traditional American conservative values is now promoting the epitome of American laziness:

Build the car you want online, tell your family and friends, and ask them to buy it for you.


Chrysler’s blog says,

The Dart Registry,, allows consumers to configure and customize a Dodge Dart, and set a goal for the amount of money they want to raise to fund it. It then itemizes components of the car–like a steering wheel, shifter, seat or engine, allowing friends, family or anyone to sponsor the specific parts.

It’s crowd-funding for a personal vehicle. It’s like Kickstarter, except donors get nothing in return. It’s perhaps the most selfish way to buy a car I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing. What self-entitled human would have the nerve to build a vehicle online and then ask other people to buy it? I thought the American way was to set a goal, save for it, and buy when it made economical sense. I thought that working hard was a part of Chrysler’s brand experience. Chrysler spent millions to drive that point home by telling us why “God made farmers.”

I guess that was just another marketing ploy, though, in an attempt to move metal.

Come on, Chrysler, pick an American value, whether it be entitlement and laziness or hard work and determination, and stick with it. That’s how you build a brand.

Would you use something like the Dodge Dart Registry to fund a new car?


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  1. Since Chrysler dumped thousands of experienced engineers and marketing people during the bankruptcy, they’ve replace them foreign engineers (many who never evened drove a car before imigrating) and young “hipsters” in the marketing department, who walk around all day like zombies glued to the smart phones on facebook and think this kind of stuff is smart. Meanwhile, they are spending millions of TV advertising that in this area is aimed only at Chrysler employees with deals and prices not available to the public. Not sure how they sell anything.

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