Electric DeLorean On the Way, Within Months!

DeLorean EV

I’m pretty much a fan of all things ’80s. The hair, the music, the movies, the cars… well, most of the cars. The Toyota trucks and Honda sedans were pretty great, but the rest were perfectly forgettable.

The DeLorean DMC-12, though, straddled the line between forgettable and iconic. Then, it was a watered-down attempt at a sports car. Now, it defines the entire decade thanks to its ability to accelerate to 88 mph and transcend time.

One look at a DeLorean and everything great about the 1980s jumps to mind, including life-preserver vests and Huey Lewis and the News music.

Within a year, new electric DeLoreans could be available for you and me to purchase. No more scouring the used listings for acceptable deals on old models with under-powered gas engines!

The electric DeLorean debuted at the 2012 New York Auto Show. The car is powered by a 32-kWh lithium ion phosphate battery pack instead of the original 130-hp V6. It’ll have a 125-mph top speed along with a range of up to 96 miles. When the car was announced in October 2011, it promoted a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds, but the new target is now a more reasonable “under 6 seconds.”

No word on the 0-88 time.

The car won’t come cheap, though. Expect to dig up around $95,000 for the privilege of being one of the few to be seen in a new DMCev. “New,” being a relative word, of course! The electric DeLorean will be a conversion of the old car, with an updated dashboard and some conversion help from a company called Epic EV.

If I had a hundred thousand sitting around, I’d buy one of these for the cool factor alone. I can just imagine picking up a date in one, which would virtually guarantee date number two! Assuming she was a fan of the 1980s…

Would you pay $95,000 for an electric DeLorean?


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  1. Good grief, are there really people around that stupid? To start with, gutting a collectible car to convert to electric renders it WORTHLESS. On the plus side, it will really help elevate the value of pristine examples as other deloreans are trashed by these zippy heads.

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