Five Things I Learned at My Local Auto Show

2013 Porsche Boxster

While it’s nowhere near as exciting as the big U.S. auto shows in Detroit, Los Angeles and New York, the show in my quaint little part of the Pacific Northwest is enough to whet the automotive appetite of plenty of local aficionados.

I’d have to travel to the big shows to see some of the latest offerings from Ferrari, Lamborghini or Rolls-Royce. Heck, even cars like the all-new C7 Corvette don’t bother to make the trip out here. I guess that’s what happens, though, when the show is put on by the local dealers’ association rather than supported by the automakers.

Still, I enjoy attending, and this year I learned 5 very important things.

Thing I learned #1:

The people from Porsche recognize my son before they recognize me. There’s a chance I spend too much time dragging him to see new cars.

Thing I learned #2:

Anyone can become a car enthusiast. This year, my 8-year-old daughter joined my son and me on the annual auto-show trip. To say the least, she wasn’t excited to come. However, upon sitting in a BMW 5 Series, she uttered these words as she smiled: “Wow, this is comfortable. Like heaven in a car.”

Proud daddy moment!

Thing I learned #3:

Some people just don’t get it. Sitting in a Scion FR-S, a woman approached, read the information posted about the car, and said, “Rear-wheel drive? Come on. This should have been front-wheel drive. Then maybe I’d be interested.”

I couldn’t let that one pass. I said, “Oh no, ma’am. It would be an absolute sin for this car to be front-wheel drive.”

She turned and walked away, but at least I did my part to defend all that is great about the FR-S.

Thing I learned #4:

As great as new cars are, they sure are getting expensive. It’s hard to find something priced under $30,000, unless you’re looking at the subcompact segment. Used cars look especially attractive!

Thing I learned #5:

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is on my official wish list.

Do you attend your local auto show? What’s the best show you’ve ever attended?


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