Cars Coming Soon: The Cars Ford Should Build

Ford GT

What do you think: Should the GT come back?

Let’s talk about Ford’s product line and two cars missing from it.

Obviously, Ford offers a full line of vehicles for almost any use. These include small cars, big cars, vans, trucks, heavy-duty commercial vehicles, muscle cars and hybrid cars. Competitors, though, are stepping up offerings in two categories Ford doesn’t currently address.

There are no formal plans to create a vehicle for either of these categories, but a business case could be argued for either one. And there’s one in particular that many car enthusiasts would love to see drive into showrooms.

Chevrolet will introduce the SS, Dodge has the Charger, and Chrysler has the 300. Ford doesn’t have a rear-wheel-drive performance sedan, which isn’t likely to change. However, maybe the company should reconsider. The new SS generated a lot of hype and high expectations, and when it was unveiled plenty of folks were disappointed by the car’s bland looks. Imagine if Ford came out and introduced a concept for a RWD super sedan with those sexy Aston-Martin-ish looks. I have a feeling the Blue Oval could steal more than a few potential SS buyers. Yes, Ford has the all-wheel-drive Taurus SHO, which would make the justification to develop another big sedan a bit of an issue, but the Taurus is based on a front-wheel-drive architecture. Why not take the Mustang chassis, stretch it out a little, make a 5.0-liter RWD sedan and call it the Falcon? Makes sense to me.

It also makes sense for Ford to create a successor to the GT. Chevy has the new Corvette, and SRT (still Chrysler-owned) has the Viper, so Ford should follow suit and build a halo supercar, even if it’s just in limited production. This is prime time in supercar land, with the new LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Lamborghini Veneno, and the aforementioned ‘Vette and Viper grabbing headlines and racking up buyers. The free PR and excitement surrounding the Ford brand alone would be worth the cost of development.

Should Ford build a rear-wheel-drive sedan to compete with the SS or invest in a ‘Vette-fighting supercar?


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