Will a Corvette Wagon Become Reality?

Callaway Corvette Aerowagon

Holy hot sauce, this is weird:

America’s supercar might go super-wagon. Maybe it’s an effort to emulate the Ferrari FF, or maybe it’s just a hair-brained idea to milk the Corvette marketing machine for everything it’s worth, but sports car tuner Callaway has released a few renderings of a design study for a shooting brake version of the C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

I admit, the pictures look kind of cool. Alluring, even… but a long-roofed ‘Vette wouldn’t offer the amenities of the FF. So without adding the benefit of all-wheel-drive or a V12 engine, why bother?

Well, maybe Callaway has an answer for that question—an answer that could be more affordable than you think.

The company says its purpose in offering buyers the modified Corvette is to create more interior room and a vehicle with some “unique style.” Before I mention the price of this conversion, think of what that unique style might be worth, considering the modifications don’t include any major engine or drivetrain upgrades. What you will get for your money is some extra structural carbon fiber for the new body parts, a functioning hatch and some mechanical tweaks that reportedly allow the Callaway Corvette Stingray Aerowagon to whisk you and your loved ones just past the 200-miles-per-hour barrier.

If enough people register an interest, Callaway says the conversion kits would be available to its network of dealers at the same time the C7 Corvette Stingray is released to the world this Fall. If you’re interested, you can register your desire, or ask about making a deposit, on the company’s web page.

The total cost for the privilege of owning something with such unique style isn’t as outrageous as I might have guessed: The company will ask for $15,000 to turn your new ‘Vette into a wagon.

Do you find this C7 Corvette Aerowagon interesting or hideous? If it had AWD, some of us might be interested! 


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  1. Give it a couple more doors and put it up against the Panamera which has hit 6 digits in production… Looks kinda sexy, kinda odd and would grow on people. I could see them pulling it off under a different name than Corvette – too much brand equity that could tank on a wagon flop.

  2. It’s probably lighter than the huge piece of glass on the regular ones. Given GM’s desperation to sell these overweight land yachts to an ever-declining base of greybeard shop rats, I’m sure they can come up with worse. How ’bout a Harley version?

  3. Why not? Corvette is an exotic in other countries except for it’s pricing (Cheaper). Other exotics have similar vehicles in limited production why not Corvette? You like it you buy it, dont like it pass and keep your comments to yourself.

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