Most Popular Excuses for Speeding, and One That Could Avoid a Ticket

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Speeding is bad. Don’t do it.

That said, I know we all have been guilty of pushing the speedometer’s needle a few ticks above the posted legal limit. Most of us have even been caught and felt the adrenaline rush that comes with seeing the flashing red and blue in the rear-view mirror.

Sometimes people panic and try to talk the officer out of writing a ticket. In the few times I’ve been pulled over, I just cooperate, admit guilt, and take whatever the friendly officer decides to dish out. That strategy has worked out pretty well, as I have gotten only one ticket in my life for speeding.

The topic of speeding came up in conversation with a cop friend the other night, and he shared some funny, and common, excuses he heard during his time as a traffic cop. Learn from these, friends, and never utter the words you’re about to read.

“I didn’t know the speed limit.”

Ignorance is probably the most popular excuse. That might pass if you’re caught going 35 in a 30-mph zone, but at that point you’re probably not even going to be pulled over, at least not by my friend. Knowing the speed limit is part of responsible driving.

“I was going down a hill.”

Believe it or not, speed limits count on hills, too.

“I’m late for an appointment (or to get my kids, or to pick up my wife).”

Your lack of planning ability does not automatically raise the speed limit on public roads. Leave earlier.

“I was just keeping up with traffic.”

They’d all get pulled over if it were possible—you’re just the unlucky one to serve as an example. See those brake lights? It worked.

“I have to use the bathroom.”

That one’s hard to argue with. But if it’s true, hope you can hold it just a little longer.

So what’s the best thing you can say to a police officer? Assuming you were pulled over for a reasonable speed over the legal limit, and not for reckless driving, the best thing you can do is smile, take responsibility, and say sorry. If you want to be let off the hook with just a warning, that might be your best bet!

Have you ever used an excuse to get out of a speeding ticket?


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  1. I am studying urban planning, so in all seriousness I have no excuse to have been speeding, yet maybe I do. It was in AZ where the road goes on for eternity. Because of psychological reasons such as design, when you think of it the road is wide having no tree canopy, I am sure you could somehow explain that to the cop. The wider the road and less “cluttered” the faster you want to drive. Having clutter along the road (vegetation, signs, sidewalks, bike lanes, buildings, pedestrian walk ways) creates awareness.

    I never tried it, may I should lol.

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