Dubai Police Show Extreme Force… of Extravagance


My 11-year-old son is years ahead of the times regarding police vehicles.

Since he was about 9, he’s been bewildered by the fact that most police cars are old Fords. He can’t quite grasp that those old Crown Victorias have an ample amount of scoot when needed and are pretty darn capable of getting their work done.

Almost every time he sees a police car, he says the same thing:

“Dad, why don’t police drive faster cars? If they all got Veyrons, no one would ever outrun them.”

Budgets seem to be another concept he has yet to grasp.

If he lived in Dubai, though, things would be quite different.

We posted a piece a couple of weeks ago about exotic police cars. The entire Dubai police force had a listing to itself with its Ferrari FFLamborghini AventadorBentley Continental GTMercedes-Benz SLS, Chevrolet CamaroDodge Charger and BMW 5 Series. Our post also said,

Dubai is looking to soar above the rest as it appears poised to add an Audi R8, Porsche 911 Turbo and Bugatti Veyron in the coming months.

Well now, those would all be fine choices, but the Dubai police went and pulled a fast one on us! Why bring on a boring, $1.6 million Veyron when they could acquire a $3 million Aston Martin One-77? The name in itself screams of the car’s exclusivity. The Dubai police now own one of just 77 copies of the hypercar.

Dubai’s police chief told that the public’s enthusiastic response toward the Aventador convinced him to add other exotics to his arsenal. The cars will be used for road security and as tourist attractions but will not “be roaring and chasing speeding motorists,” according to the chief.

That’s too bad, because even my son knows there will be no outrunning that Veyron, once it’s officially purchased and suited up for duty.

Police departments in the U.S. struggle just to keep people employed. Is the Dubai police force showing too much extravagance?


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  1. Maybe the Dubai police know something American cops don’t. Your boy is a smart fella. :)

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