Japan’s Supercar to Become All-American Brute

Acura NSX concept

An almost mythical beast born in Japan had its legend sealed on the streets of the world.

The Acura NSX (sold in other markets as the Honda NSX) proved that Japan could dominate in the world of performance supercars. One could argue that the NSX spawned the Nissan GT-R and even the Lexus LFA. It disappeared from the market in 2005 and has since been the subject of countless rumors of impending return.

The latest news on the return of the beast has it pegged for a 2015 return, a full decade after the car retreated back to where it came from and left many enthusiasts in mourning.

When the NSX does come back, it will be almost unrecognizable compared to its former self. The biggest change, perhaps, will be that it’ll no longer be from Japan.

In an announcement yesterday, Honda said that the new NSX will not be built in Japan. We already knew that design work was happening in California, and now we have confirmation that the car will be built in the most American of American places: the Buckeye State. The NSX will be produced at a $70-million production facility inside Honda’s former North American logistics facility in Ohio. All NSX vehicles, regardless of their final destination country, will roll off that production line.

Our friends at Car and Driver had this to say:

Hidenobu Iwata, CEO of Honda of America and the head of Honda’s manufacturing operations in North America, said the facility’s location and the decision to produce the NSX in mid-Ohio makes perfect sense, as it will be located “in the midst of one of the greatest collections of engineering and production talent in the world.”

Way to go, Ohio!

The new NSX will get its power from a mid-mounted V6 helped out by Honda’s new Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive system. Other performance numbers will become clear as the car’s production nears, but it should be noted that the company has its sights set on some lofty competition, naming such cars as the Ferrari 458 Italia, McLaren MP4-12CAudi R8 and Porsche 911 as benchmarks.

Will being designed, built and sold in America make the new Acura NSX an American car?


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  1. “One could argue that the NSX spawned the Nissan GT-R and even the Lexus LFA.” Yes, one could argue, but they would be dead wrong. The first GTR was made in 1969 and then reintroduced in 1989 before the NSX came out. Just because it wasn’t an american release doesn’t mean a thing.

  2. I always thought the NSX was one of the best and most understated of the mid engine cars. The only thing that really worked against it was looking too much like a Corvette in the front half. Acura could probably have doubled their NSX sales with a better looking front end. The new car throws understatement out the window and just becomes another look-alike supercar.

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