Cars Coming Soon: Mitsubishi’s Offensive Includes Subcompact Sedan

Mitsubishi G4 Concept

Mitsubishi G4 Concept

Last year, two car companies in America were on death watch.

Suzuki closed up shop on its North American operations not long after speculation of impending doom began, while Mitsubishi looked to be close behind on the way to the exit.

As we’re closing in on the midway point of 2013, it seems Mitsubishi could be on the verge of a turnaround. The company will need a pretty intense product offensive to lure customers back into showrooms, but a couple new Mitsubishi vehicles coming down the pipe could be just enough to save the brand.

According to Automotive News, Mitsubishi recently held a dealer meeting that had people excited about coming vehicles for the first time in years.

At that meeting, plans were unveiled for a subcompact sedan for the U.S. market, which would be available sometime in 2015.

That’s welcome news, as the current lineup can only be described as starving for something new. The stable now includes the Lancer, Galant and Outlander, none of which offer anything particularly exciting. I suppose the Lancer Evolution is the one exception, but that sells in such small numbers it’s not really relevant.

The new subcompact could be based on the 3-cylinder G4 Concept that debuted at this year’s Bangkok Motor Show. That along with an all-new Mirage, a redesigned Outlander and a plug-in hybrid Outlander could be enough to spark interest in Mitsu and get the sales motor running again.

A Chicago dealer who attended the meeting said he feels like these products are a sign of recovery and that Mitsubishi is finally playing offense.

Let’s hope it’s not too little, too late. Suzuki had a brief run of exciting new product, too, before hitting the wall and leaving the country, leaving dealers as nothing more than service departments and used car lots.

Has a new Mitsubishi ever been on your shopping list?


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  1. Mitsubishi has always had a certain swagger. You never want to see anyone go out of business but the writing is on the wall. They have a tough slug and will be quite a Cinderalla story to get behind if their leadership can pull it off! Will be fun to watch!

  2. Frankly, I can’t think of any reason that Mitsubishi should continue in North America. They pretty much trashed their own market with quality problems and poorly focused products, handing it over to Honda, Toyota and the Korean car makers. We’ve got a massive oversupply/overcapacity as it is.

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