BMW and Toyota Teaming Up on Supra Successor?

Could a new Supra look like this?

Could a new Supra look like this?

Well, this would make the Toyobaru look like nothing more than an exercise in simple sharing.

If the rumors are true, a new Toyota Supra could be in the works by way of a partnership with a company that knows a thing or two about performance: BMW.

Not to take anything away from the jointly developed Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S/Toyota GT-86—they are two of my favorite cars on the market today, but a sports car co-developed with BMW would certainly give Toyota another injection of very happy enthusiasts.

Motor Trend has reported on the exciting news, and some of the initial quotes from top Toyota brass look quite promising!

Tetsuya Tada, chief engineer behind the FR-S, will take on this next project, too, and told Motor Trend,

I am hoping for a synergy effect with BMW that will result in a product that none of us could have imagined; something more than anyone expects. I would like that to be something like a sports car.

Well, yeah, so would we!

The future sports car will probably use either a BMW or Toyota inline 4-cylinder engine and the FR-S platform as a starting point. The chassis may be given the BMW treatment, which would most certainly translate into one fun-to-drive Toyota!

Akio Toyoda, the man in charge at Toyota and also a certified car nut, told the magazine,

Toyota is strong in environment-friendly hybrids and fuel cells… I believe BMW’s strength is developing sports cars. I get so excited thinking about the cars that will result from this relationship.

Take note, friends, he used a plural in that last sentence. Could it be possible that we will see more than one vehicle come out of this BMW/Toyota partnership? If so, this could truly be some of the best automotive news to surface so far this year!

Of course, there’s no timeframe or specifics at this point, but we’ll keep an eye on upcoming car shows for any hint of what this partnership has in store. Tokyo Motor Show, anyone?

Would you be interested in a new Toyota Supra co-developed with BMW?


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  1. I always liked the Supra but I hope Toyota can ditch the tupperware look of the front end of the car shown to get a little more rounded look if they adopt this design for production.
    I’m never quite sure what Toyota is trying to do with their styling. Some of the designs work well while others (like the Tundra and the new Avalon) look like Ford copies.

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