Old GM Factory Site to Become Car Condos and a Racetrack

M1 concourse, Detroit

Now here’s some creative thinking on a way to revitalize one of Michigan’s saddest relics of automotive history.

An 80-acre tract of land currently lies vacant in Pontiac, after once housing 4 GM factories. With no hope of returning the area to an automotive factory site, one determined businessman has plans to turn it into a buzzing metropolitan hub, but with a twist.

While many planned developments include some kind of park or other open recreational space, this one might include something way cooler:

A race track.

Having recently moved into a new community, I’m pretty familiar with the standard recreational offerings. Pools, clubhouses for billiards, workout areas, outdoor parks, you get the idea. Had I found someplace that had a mile-long track, my decision would have been infinitely easier.

The Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response (RACER) Trust was set up at the time of GM’s bankruptcy to help redevelop abandoned sites. RACER and Entrepreneur Brad Oleshansky have plans to build what will be called the M1 Concourse. The M1 will basically be a country club for cars that would have 338 car condominiums, a clubhouse, restaurant, events center, amphitheater and a 1-mile test track.

Here’s the drawback, though: The condos are for cars only, not people. The condos will essentially be large, climate-controlled garages with parking for multiple vehicles and loft space to entertain or lounge.

While it would be cool to be able to live on the site, the area will give car enthusiasts a place to gather for the day, show off their toys and open them up in the safety of a private track.

Oleshansky told The Detroit News he wants to:

create a place that’s a destination for all these enthusiasts to hang out together and really be in an environment where like-minded people can share their passions and best practices.

Having a private neighborhood for your private garage likely won’t come cheap. A few other cities have similar concepts, with the condos selling for as much as $175,000. That’ll be a stretch in Michigan, where the median home price in Detroit is still under $80,000.

Assuming prices were reasonable, would you want a private “car condo” to store your project cars and/or weekend cars?


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  1. Given that this tract borders on Bloomfield Hills $$$$$ and Auburn Hills $$$, I don’t think you’re going to see a noisy race track any time soon. Another minor problem is on the other side, which is the highest crime area in Oakland County. Plenty of interested parties there to jack those Ferrari wheels.

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