Happy Fourth of July!

patriotic chevy camaro

On this 237th birthday of the great United States, it seems appropriate to celebrate with pictures of patriotic cars. We could keep this to images of domestic cars only, but the truth is any car can be decked out in the colors of this great nation.

People get pretty creative when they show their American pride on their cars. Custom paint jobs, flags on the roof, it all makes for entertaining viewing, especially on a day when we celebrate all that is great in the States.

For this Fourth of July, enjoy some of the more creative patriotic automotive art forms. Be safe and come back to us tomorrow!


Mustang looks good in red, white and blue!


When MINIs go American


Artistic American Camaro

old patriotic car

Patriotism knows no size!

Sure, it's British, but it's still red white and blue!

Sure, it’s British, but it’s still red white and blue!

Happy Fourth of July!


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