What Car Would You Recommend to Someone Who Doesn’t Want One?

2011 European Toyota Yaris

Believe it or not, not everyone likes cars.

I know, it’s crazy, but some people put up with vehicles only because they simply must transport themselves from one point to another. Not only that, there are even people who don’t own a car at all! You probably even know someone like that. He or she most likely swears by public transportation and refuses to own an automobile because it is “unnecessary” or “wasteful.”

Something must be done.

Popular Science posted a story about cars for people who hate cars, but that one focuses on futuristic concepts that are more iPhone or sound system than car. That’s all well and good, and young tech-focused people will surely love those cars, but what about cars for people who have sworn off the concept of owning a car? Is there anything out there for them?

Why yes. Yes, there is.

The Toyota Yaris is the most obvious car for people who think they don’t want a car. A recent marketing tag line sums that point up nicely: “Yaris. It’s a car.” Perfect in its simplicity!

2010 Mazda3

Then again, maybe these people think they don’t need a car only because they’ve never driven a proper car. Maybe they’ve spent all their lives in a Yaris and have become so numb to driving that they associate it with sore backs, sticky vinyl and no air conditioning. No wonder the city bus is more attractive. In that case, the car for them is something like a Mazda3. Small, comfortable, peppy, has A/C and usually doesn’t smell like a bus.

Ferrari 458 Italia

However, maybe the problem goes even deeper. Maybe even a practical-yet-fun car like the Mazda3 won’t change any minds. Maybe there’s just a lack of passion in these people that can only be overcome by instilling a healthy dose of fear. Maybe these people need to sit in the driver’s seat of a 458 Italia, feel the engine roar to life behind them, experience the rush of real acceleration and the near-panic of wondering if it will all come to a stop safely.

If that doesn’t instill a love and appreciation for all things automotive, these people are probably better off on the bus. Or worse, in a Yaris.

What car would you recommend to someone who doesn’t want a car?


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  1. What car would I recommend to someone who doesn’t want to own a car?
    A taxi, of course.

  2. I’ve always wanted a tdi wagon. Funny, most people dream of something like that 458, I just want a wagon!

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