What’s Your Ideal Second Car?

1975 Ford F-150

Some people have their main home and a summer home.

Others have their main dog, like a German shepherd, and a spare, auxiliary dog, such as a Shih Tzu.

Plenty of these people also have at least two cars. They keep one vehicle as a daily commuter or kid-hauler and a second for either work or pleasure. Who wants to drive their 4-wheeling, dump-going pickup to the office every day?

For those fortunate enough to consider ownership of a second car, whether due to a midlife crisis, a need for work around the neighborhood or just to transport the German shepherd, below are some suggestions just for you.

The midlife crisis car

No question, the car middle-aged American men buy when they don’t want to feel like middle-aged American men is the Corvette. Any Corvette. What they don’t realize is that by driving the ‘Vette, they look just like middle-aged American men. Instead, allow me to recommend the great M5, as discussed yesterday.

The truck for working on the house

This is easy. The only choice here is a 1975 F-150. It needs to have some rust, a ripped cloth bench seat and some old soda cans in the bed. It should also have a classy nickname, something like “Easy Does It.” That way your neighbors will find it endearing, instead of seeing it for the rusted hulk of a work truck that it really is.

The transport-the-German-shepherd vehicle

Some people will need a vehicle to take the dogs out for a day of hiking or kayaking or whatever it is outdoor folks like to do. For them, the ideal second car is any Subaru with the giant gate thing that separates the dogs from the passengers. These are the people who want their dogs close, but not too close. It should be noted that the main car for these people is also a Subaru, but newer and without the gate.

What is your ideal second car?


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  1. I’ve got an F150 as an every day driver. I wish I could retire it to work truck and get a nice little hatchback…ie Mazda3 or Audi A3.

  2. I’ve got two: A 4wd truck for winter and towing my trailer, and a sports car for summer.

  3. Ha! This made me laugh. My second car would be sports car, something fun to take on weekend summer road trips. If I had the money, that new jaguar!

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