Introducing the Newest British Royal Babies

2012 Jaguar XF

There’s a new heir in Britain. One of the most celebrated and iconic figures in British history has announced an expansion of its family.

The new Royal Baby will inject some excitement into the highly prized and cherished heritage of one of the greatest legacies to ever grace this planet.

Yes, Jaguar is having babies.

I have no idea what royal family you might have been thinking about.

As things stand right now, the only way to get into a genuine baby Jaguar is to hit the used market and search for pre-loved versions from previous owners. By 2015, though, the Jaguar lineup should expand into the entry-level luxury sedan market and the crossover segment. Yes, the elegant, classy and luxurious royal Jaguar brand wants to create a bigger family.

Jaguar seems to understand that royal babies tend to gather a lot of attention, probably because it has watched its sister, Land Rover, sell thousands of smaller and less expensive models over the last couple of years. Since Jaguar would very much like to compete with its German brethren BMW and Mercedes-Benz, it knows it needs to expand past the sports car and saloon vehicles in its current lineup.

The coming Jaguars should capture attention, and dollars, from fanatics of all things small, British and new. These hopeful customers will surely watch and wait anxiously for the delivery of these new babies. We don’t know exactly how many to expect in the litter, but at the very least, it should include a small sedan to compete with the BMW 3 Series and a crossover, probably based on the Land Rover Evoque.

We will certainly keep our eye across the pond for more exciting news from the expecting parent company, Tata Motors, and anxiously await our first views of these sure-to-be-beautiful babies.

In fact, maybe we should start talking about names already. There’s been chatter about naming the Jaguar sedan the XS…

What name would you give a Jaguar crossover?


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