Midsize Coupes: Another One Bites the Dust

2013 Honda Accord V6 Coupe

What happens when the desire for rebellion clashes with the need for conformity?

The Honda Accord Coupe happens, that’s what.

There’s no other justification for the existence of a rakish front-wheel-drive coupe based on the epitome of a practical family sedan. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Chopping 2 doors off a midsize sedan does not make a sporty car.

Surprisingly, midsize coupes can offer a somewhat energetic drive, and the Accord Coupe is the cream of the crop considering its level of refinement, powerful V6 and exquisite 6-speed manual transmission.

Fortunately for Honda, one of the Accord Coupe’s prime competitors will soon disappear from the market, leaving coupe buyers one more reason to bypass buying a new car.

The market for midsize coupes has never been especially competitive. Remember the Toyota Solara and Chevy Monte Carlo? You’d be forgiven if you don’t. Family sedans without back seats don’t tend to sell in large numbers. That’s why the only competition for the Accord Coupe, the Nissan Altima Coupe, will soon be discontinued and leave the Honda as the only player in the FWD midsize coupe game.

Nissan’s decision to yank the Altima Coupe should make us all wonder: How long until Honda bails on the Accord Coupe and the market goes away completely?

With RWD coupes flooding the market, there might not be room for the Accord Coupe for much longer. Why would someone choose the Honda over a Mustang or Camaro or Audi TT or even a Hyundai Genesis Coupe?

That can be answered with one word: refinement. If you’re looking for a midsize coupe with 6-cylinder power, a slick-shifting manual gearbox, and that legendary refinement, your new car shopping list is as short as it possibly can be—at least until Honda pulls the plug on the Accord Coupe and you can find cars like it only on the used market.

There are some amazing rear-wheel-drive coupes on the market. Would a front-wheel-drive Honda Accord Coupe make your shopping list?


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  1. So let me understand. Should I just go for the LX sedan & forget the coupe? I like it for its size only.

  2. Honda Accord is one of the best cars I have ever drove. Thanks to a friend of mine, which had a friend who bought a brand new Accord!
    It really is a successful car :)

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