1. Things have improved tremendously in the past several years. You can now buy a used car with warranties and certifications that make it as good as new. Certified cars (depending on who is doing the certification) go through a rigorous inspection to determine and maintain the quality of the vehicle.
    I definitely opt for buying a used car than a new one

  2. That Bentley reminds me of the phony kit cars that abounded in the 1970’s and 80’s. Most kits converted beetle chassis’ into unconvincing exotics, and even now i’ve seen a few kit cars around, including one for creating a bentley fake. What a disturbing thought– a Ferrari GT with the thrilling roar or a 4 cylinder beetle engine.
    Potential buyers should remember that they’re getting the same thing, albeit factory produced, and knowledgable people seeing them drive down the street will get a good laugh at the person who dumps a ton of money into an ersatz bentley.

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