Let’s Revisit Our First Cars

2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser

My son is torn up about what he wants as his first car. Part of him wants me to hold onto my old ’04 Jaguar X-Type so he can have it when he turns 16, freeing me up to go get the F-Type after which I’ve lusted.

The other part of him wants to get a Toyota FJ Cruiser as his first car, something he’s had an eye on for the last couple months and excitedly points out anytime he catches sight of one.

He’s genuinely concerned about this dilemma and doesn’t know which car to choose. The kicker here?

He’s 11.

I have a good 5 years before I need to think about what car my son gets as his first. I don’t even know if I’d give him mine, buy him an FJ or make him save up and buy something on his own. What I do know is that his first car is already something magical. Whatever vehicle he ends up with, it’ll always hold a special spot in his heart and be the car that made him love owning cars.

Being just 11 years old, he already has a huge love of cars and has experiences people four times his age don’t have. He’s ridden in Ferraris, seen the debut of the new Boxster, experienced the power of an 800-hp Tango and has raced karts. This kid loves cars, and the fact that he’s spending so much time thinking about his first makes his daddy proud.

It also makes me remember my first car, which I’ve written about in these pages often over the years. It was a 1984 Toyota 4X4, which I saved for, bought, picked up in California and drove home to Washington all by myself. It’s not uncommon for first cars to be old beaters, but mine was only 10 years old at the time and had just 60,000 miles on it.

Sometimes one person’s first car is another’s dream car. I asked a friend about her first car, which she informed me was a 1974 Porsche 911.

Not a bad way to start a driving career.

What was your first car? What do you wish had been your first car?


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  1. I would recommend that you make him buy his own car.. That’s what I had to do and I have much more of a personal connection to my car because of it.. My first car was a ’02 Seat Arosa (I live in the UK!) and I wouldn’t have changed it quite as soon as I did if the engine hadn’t destroyed itself!

  2. Renault 12! YUCK. Although it was free inheritance from my grandpa since none else in the family wanted it.

    First car I bought for myself was a Ford Bronco 2….

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