Will Saab Rise from the Ashes?

2013 Saab 9-3

The odds of Saab ever coming back as a mainstream automaker are not good. The quirky little company thrived as an independent, grew under the (mis)management of General Motors, and then suffered nearly certain death when GM discontinued the brand.

Rather than dying silently like Saturn, Hummer and other victims of GM’s hatchet, Saab refused to give up the ghost and ended up under the ownership of supercar maker Spyker. The intent of Spyker was to revitalize the brand and earn profits it could use to spark development of its supercars.

That didn’t work, of course, and Spyker dumped Saab, which nearly ended up in the hands of a Chinese company but instead went back to an electric carmaker from Sweden.

And now Saab could be on the verge of rising from the ashes.

The Motor Report says that Saab’s new parent, National Electric Vehicles Sweden, is planning to reopen the automaker’s plant in Trollhattan.

There isn’t too much known just yet, but pictures of a supposed future 9-3 have floated around the web, sparking rumors that the Swedish automobile company was planning a major comeback.

Saab will apparently base its latest model off the last-generation 9-3, except with major changes all around, though it’s not clear what those changes will be just yet.

The article says,

If it happens, and it’s a big ‘if’, the born-again 9-3 will apparently get a turbocharged petrol four-cylinder engine, with extensive changes to interior and exterior styling.

Rumors also say a new all-electric Saab is on the way, based on a new platform, appropriately called the Phoenix.

The 9-3 could come back initially as a sedan beginning, believe it or not, this September. If that actually happens, and enough people buy it, a wagon and convertible could follow.

I like this idea of a new, updated 9-3, but it also makes a used 9-3 all the more appealing. If the architecture of the old one is good enough to be reborn, we might as well save some money and buy used.

At least until the electric version comes out.

Would you be excited for a new Saab 9-3 to become available?


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Used Saab 9-3


  1. Oh lord, that’s what we need– drunks and cell phone users flying cars overhead.

  2. Randy’s right! The rising economy would help Saab to return from the ashes. However, that will only happen when something “fresh and unique” comes out from them. Like the first ever commercialized flying car! That will definitely bring them back on track!

  3. Let Saab die… no need for new ones when the used ones are the real Saabs anyway.

  4. With the economy coming back, there may be a chance for Saab, but let’s face it- We have more car companies in the world than we need, and can Saab really bring anything fresh to the mix? Doubtful.
    GM really did a lot to turn people off to the brand. Who can forget a Trailblazer coming out of the cookie cutter plant with Saab on the grill? Rediculous.

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