Let’s Get a Little Weird with Cars and Bacon


If you’ve ever heard comedian Jim Gaffigan talk about bacon, you know his bacon bit goes on for an uncomfortably long time.

The man loves bacon, as do most citizens of these great United States.

Some of the bacon-related things we obsess over are the sound of bacon cooking (like applause, according to Mr. Gaffigan), the hunt for bits o’ bacon in lettuce, Kevin Bacon and the ability to wrap almost anything in bacon to make it better. People love bacon.

And, now, buyers of a certain car can opt to have it wrapped in… bacon. Because that can only make it better, right?

The 2014 Ford Fiesta will offer the option of being customized with three different bacon-themed wraps. The bacon isn’t real, of course. Only turkey bacon would make sense to use in a car wrap.

All joking aside, the bacon wraps are real options, using vinyl in place of real meat. Ford has made this option known, somewhat under the radar, as an ode to National Bacon Day, which falls this weekend.

The bacon graphics are designed to tempt Fiesta buyers into checking out Ford’s new graphic vinyl wraps. Additional racing stripes and hood decals are available for the Fiesta, Focus, F-150 and Mustang. (Sadly, the bacon livery is open only to Fiesta owners.)

The bacon wrap comes in a number of styles. You can choose a full wrap or, for the less bacon-inclined, there are Bacon Racing Stripes, Side of Bacon or Bacon Mini Strips options. I’m not sure why someone would choose to wrap their car in bacon strips, and I wish I were making this story up, but it’s just weird enough to be true.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of a true bacon Fiesta that you could actually get into and drive, your fantasies have just become reality.

Mr. Gaffigan, your chariot awaits.

Can anything be weirder than a bacon-themed car wrap?


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  1. Our culture regulary produces things to help us identify idiots– Justin Beiber, bacon cars, Yugos, cell phone rings that sound like farting…stuff like that.

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