New Mazda6 Makes Used Ones Seem Obsolete

2014 Mazda6

Attention Mazda owners: Drop what you’re doing, grab your checkbook and head back to your dealer. Your car just became obsolete.

It’s not often that I’m so taken by a new car that I suddenly believe all former versions are no longer driveable. The 2014 Mazda6, though, might be the car that redefines Mazda and makes an older Mazda6 just another cheap used midsize sedan.

That’s saying a lot, because I happen to think a used Mazda6 is one of the best buys on the market today.

The new one, though, might change everything.

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The Discovery of the Forgotten Cricket

Plymouth Cricket

A 7-year-old girl taught me something I didn’t know about cars.

I consider myself pretty well educated about the auto industry and knowledgable about past, present and future vehicles. So when this little girl inquired about a “Cricket car,” I told her I didn’t think there was any such thing. If so, I pictured it as an older British car, something along the lines of an original MINI Cooper. Or a Reliant Robin.

She convinced me to Google it, and yes, I discovered that the Cricket is a real, though easily forgettable, American car.

Imported from Britain.

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