Let’s Get Inspired by NFL Player and His Car

Alfred Morris' Mazda 626

I like warm cockles.

I don’t mean the small edible clams native to sheltered beaches throughout the world, I mean the ones in my heart. The ones that feel good when I read a happy story.

I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but an NFL player has warmed the cockles of my heart by buying his dream car. More specifically, he has upgraded his humble car into his dream, which is something so many of us should do… not strive so much for extravagance, but appreciate what we have right now.

That’s what Alfred Morris has done, with some diamond-studded extravagance thrown in for good measure.

A friend of mine had a Mazda 626, which we drove all across town. It was dirty, clunky, noisy and not very comfortable. It never failed us, it just wasn’t exactly a dream car. One man’s trash, though, is another’s treasure.

As I mentioned yesterday, sometimes an emotional connection is made with a car because of a past history with it. That seems to be the case for Morris and his 626. According to MSN,

Morris bought the 626 from his pastor when he was a junior at Florida Atlantic University and drove the car from Florida to Virginia for his first NFL training camp last summer, where he was picked in the sixth round of the draft by the Washington Redskins.

Now that Morris is making big bucks as an NFL player, he has the means to buy any car he wants. Instead, he showed some restraint and had his old Mazda completely refurbished, along with some extras like diamond-stitched leather seats and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system in front of the 5-speed manual shifter.

He’s named the car “Bentley,” which probably foreshadows what’s to come in Morris’ future. Even if he drops $300K or more on a Mulsanne, it’s pretty cool that his first purchase was a treasured part of his past.

What car from your past would you buy again?


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  1. I’d be a lot more impressed if he’d bought a specially-equipped van for a severely disabled combat veteran.

  2. Ha! An 86-87 Mazda 626, no joke. I love them, my daily driver right now is a 91 hatchback.

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