Some Love for the Ugly and Slow

2013 Honda Pilot

Reading through the auto blog-o-sphere daily, I find plenty of opinions on cars that are beautiful, cars that are ugly, cars that are fast, and cars that are slow.

I’ve offered plenty of my own opinions on such matters in the past, and today I’m in the mood to defend some of the slow and ugly cars.

We’ve all read about the Camaro Z/28 that beat a Lamborghini’s time around the ‘ring. No need to revisit that. We also know what cars sell the most and which ones are considered beautiful. Been there, done that.

For a look at some of the ones that sell the slowest and some that have been written off as ugly, keep reading. There could be a goldmine of a good deal in here.

Acura hasn’t had a very good go of things lately. The luxury arm of Honda has taken a beating over design in recent years and now has three of the top 10 slowest selling cars in the U.S. market. The MDX, ILX and TSX Sport Wagon all languish on dealer lots for well over 130 days before finding new homes.

All are great vehicles and well worth a look, especially if value is high on your list of priorities. The TSX Sport Wagon is especially worthy of some attention for people needing some hauling capacity along with European flair. I know, it’s weird to call a Japanese wagon “European,” but it’s the kind of car that would make Americans drool if it weren’t available here.

Lucky for us, it is available here, at least for now. Find one, make your offer, and enjoy the exclusivity that comes with owning an Acura wagon.

On the ugly side of the table we have the Honda Pilot. While it’s never been a real stunner of an SUV, it has held its own since its 2003 debut. My favorite years were the 2006-2007 generation, when it had a certain Land Rover-esque style to its front end. Today’s Pilot looks like a caricature of its former self but still offers plenty of comfort and space for families. You won’t get much in the way of towing capacity, but if all you’re doing are Costco runs and dance recitals, the Pilot should be on your shopping list.

2014 Toyota 4Runner

A car that can’t be forgiven for its blatant ugliness, though, is the new 4Runner. Find a used one instead, maybe something from the days of 2009-2010, when they had the perfect mixture of class and ruggedness.

Would you sacrifice looks and popularity for a good deal on your next car?


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  1. I’ve always maintained that people with bad taste need cars too, so manufacturers provide a steady stream of offal like the Nissan Juke and just about anything that Chevy makes, toad-faced Japanese pickups and SUV’s, and monstrous manhood compensators like all those big, ugly American pickup trucks.

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