Ready for a Scion FR-S Sedan?

Toyota GT 86 sedan

Oh, Auto Express, we love your rumors and enthusiastic reporting on yet-to-be-produced vehicles and the unnamed sources who out them early.

While your stories are often outrageous and your journalistic qualities somewhat questionable, we have to admit you seem to have a knack for getting things right, or at least close to it.

So when I read your story that Toyota might consider building a sedan version of the rear-wheel-drive GT-86 sports car, my initial reaction was to say, “Yeah, right.” But then I considered your track record and compared it with the fact that Toyota’s head honcho, Akio Toyoda, has injected the brand with a healthy dose of fun and seems ready to try all sorts of new things.

And a RWD sports sedan would definitely be new.

Auto Express typically reports on British auto news, and this could be a case of “for Europe only,” but a car like this, if it makes production, seems ripe for the U.S. market. The article says,

An inside source has revealed that the go-ahead has been given for a GT 86-based saloon. Shown here in our exclusive image, the four-door will target buyers in their forties who honed their driving skills on cars like the rear-wheel-drive Corolla AE86, Mazda RX-8 and Honda S2000.

That exclusive image is also shown at the top of this story. If the car indeed looks like this, I might respectfully pass and go for a used coupe instead (a Scion FR-S in these parts).

The potential power for this car is quite interesting as well. In addition to the standard 4-cylinder that powers the coupe, the sedan could have up to 270 ponies thanks to a hybrid powertrain and F1-style KERS system, which would recover the car’s kinetic energy under braking and deliver it back to the rear wheels.

That would certainly deliver some driving pleasure, but I’d still rather see the technology used in the coupe.

Come on, Auto Express, talk to your secret guy about that possibility!

Yes or no: Would a high-powered hybrid sedan version of the Scion FR-S be a good thing?


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  1. I think you’re right on predicting this as a European model. Americans will opt for bigger style like the BMW 5-series.

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