10 Best Cars to Tackle Winter

1991 Toyota 4Runner

As we saw this past week, snow and ice can be quite a drag when you need to get somewhere—especially when half the country does at the same time. With Winter Storm Boreas hitting just in time for the Thanksgiving travel rush, we got to thinking about just which cars we’d prefer to take out in extreme winter conditions. Some of them are practical, some are sensible, and others are downright nuts—but they’re all cars we’d love to be in when the white stuff starts falling.

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Any Recourse for Buyer’s Remorse?

void car purchase

When you go out and buy a new toaster today, you can return it tomorrow if you wake up and decide the toaster just wasn’t in your holiday budget. Aside from the hassle of locating the receipt and driving back to the store, you’ll get your money back quickly and easily.

Now let’s say you are in your 2001 truck and it doesn’t start right away when you want to go back to the store and return the toaster. When it does start, every rattle and clunky gear change as you drive makes you think you should get rid of the battle-worn old thing.

You stop at a dealer, just for information, but leave two hours later in a shiny new 2013 truck. You were taken by its smell inside, the new technology features and the incredible offer of a trade-in on your old rust-bucket.

You’re feeling great, go return your toaster, and drive home with the pride of a new vehicle.

Until morning. You wake up with a twist in your gut wondering what you did and how you’ll afford the monthly payments. You miss your old truck. You have a faint memory of hearing something about a 3-day return policy for cars, and you decide you’ll look into it.

But is it truly possible to return a new vehicle?

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Happy Thanksgiving from CarGurus


Being grateful goes so beyond stuffing our faces with turkey and marshmallow-encrusted yams.

We’d like to take a moment and express our gratitude for our readers, car shoppers, blog commenters, car dealers and generally awesome CarGurus who visit our site each day. It’s the expertise and experience of each person who participates on this blog and the CarGurus site who keep the steady flow of news, opinions, reviews and car listings going every day.

We love cars. We love everything about the culture of cars and we’re thankful to be surrounded by a community of people who think the same way.

Whether you prefer the sounds and smells of a ’74 Porsche, gravitate toward the comfort and luxury of a ’14 Lexus or appreciate the adrenaline rush of any Lamborghini, you’re our people. Thank you for the years of love, we hope you feel loved back and we’re excited for many more to come.

You may now commence said face-stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Return of a Cult Classic?

New Volkswagen Scirocco

The ’87 Scirocco wouldn’t make it up the hill.

The car had sat for a few months, and a friend and I wanted to get it out and see what it could do. It had the 16-valve, 123-horsepower engine and could really move when being flogged through the city streets using the 5-speed manual transmission.

The car was temperamental and often overheated, but generally speaking it provided somewhat reliable and fun transportation. On the days he chose to drive it, the car would get my friend to work and back, but it would never have been trusted on any kind of road trip or even a quick day trip.

Everything was mostly fine with the car.

Until we encountered the hill.

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Why Leasing Is a Great Idea

2014 Mazda3: Would you lease or buy?

2014 Mazda3: Would you lease or buy?

People are discovering the car lease all over again.

That’s a great thing, because it means more new cars are moving off dealer lots, more people are driving nice cars at reduced rates, and the used market benefits from high-quality lease returns. There really aren’t any losers in the car lease world, except the people who lease when they shouldn’t.

The one drawback to leasing? Lease customers never do pay off their cars, meaning they always have a car payment and own nothing at the end of a lease.

For a lot of people, though, that makes sense.

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Ask Teens to Design a Nissan, They’ll Design a Charger

Nissan IDx Concept

I don’t understand the teenage mind. Oh sure, I had one once, but even that one did things I don’t understand as an adult.

Understanding how teens think about cars is paramount to the future of auto manufacturers. Everything from how cars are designed to the features they’ll include to how they are sold could change with the maturation of today’s teenagers.

Here’s the kicker, though: Teens are fickle, and what they like now as young people could change 180 degrees by the time they are car-buying adults.

That’s why it’s a bad idea to let 15-year-olds design cars, because the result will look something like this.

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10 Cars That Changed the Game

2015 Porsche Macan

Photo courtesy of Forbes

Every so often a car comes around that changes the face of a brand, a style or even the industry. Henry Ford did it best with the Model T, not only revolutionizing the auto industry, but also changing the way we manufacture goods forever. No car has changed the world quite so much as the Model T, but automakers are showing off their newest innovations right now in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Guangzou, China, all hoping that their latest and greatest cars could become game changers for their companies or even the industry as a whole.

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Cars That Look Like Other Cars

2006 Chevrolet HHR And 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser, Front View

There is no better compliment than imitation.

If that’s the case, the automotive industry is full of flattery. That’s as true in the U.S. as it is within the unimaginative shores of China, where car designs are stolen like glances at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Part of the reason for automotive parallels in the Western world is the simple fact that there are only so many car designers to go around. Once a successful design has been penned and millions of cars sold, the designer is lured to another company to create the same look with a different brand.

Who’s the next copycat on deck?

It appears that Mercedes-Benz will get that honor, as it just grabbed the leader of another German automaker’s design studio.

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2015 Chevy Colorado Revealed!

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Z71

Just last week we caught word of the soon-to-be revealed 2015 Chevy Colorado pickup, and now we have official images and specs of the hotly anticipated new midsize truck.

The new Colorado is built for people who want strength and capability in a truck but don’t want to park a full-size one in the garage.

Also, the truck is a much better choice than a large and lumbering Silverado to take on an epic trek to the deadliest road in the world. Just something to keep in mind, because, well, you never know.

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Airless Tires Closer to Reality

Airless tires

I fully expect to have a tire catastrophe in the near future.

I accept this fact because for the last couple of weeks, I’ve ignored a tire problem that has cropped up. There’s a slow leak in my front driver’s-side tire that requires a stop at the gas station, four quarters and about 15 pounds of air pressure every couple of days.

There are some who won’t call that a “slow leak,” but instead give it the full-blown label of “leak,” or even “flat tire.”

There are two possibilities with this leak. Either it’s an easy fix that a quick stop at a tire store can fix, or it’s a sign that I’ll soon have a $600 credit-card charge for four new tires.

I foresee the latter, which explains my lack of action to resolve the problem.

If only there was a way to eliminate the need for air in tires…

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