Return of a Cult Classic?

New Volkswagen Scirocco

The ’87 Scirocco wouldn’t make it up the hill.

The car had sat for a few months, and a friend and I wanted to get it out and see what it could do. It had the 16-valve, 123-horsepower engine and could really move when being flogged through the city streets using the 5-speed manual transmission.

The car was temperamental and often overheated, but generally speaking it provided somewhat reliable and fun transportation. On the days he chose to drive it, the car would get my friend to work and back, but it would never have been trusted on any kind of road trip or even a quick day trip.

Everything was mostly fine with the car.

Until we encountered the hill.

After 30 minutes or so of driving that I would refer to as “spirited,” we approached the hill that would take us back to the house. A little bit of extra gas, a downshift to second and… boom. The Scirocco had given up.

We later determined the clutch had gone out, but the repair was never done, and the car was towed back to the house, where it sat for another year or so before being sold.

1987 Volkswagen Scirocco

That’s my memory of the Scirocco, so I can’t say I’m overly thrilled to hear that the new one might finally reach U.S. showrooms.

By 1988, Volkswagen took the Scirocco out of the United States, and the company discontinued it altogether in 1992. In 2008 it made a European comeback, which caused the Scirocco faithful here some heartburn as they lusted after the untouchable Volkswagen.

If a recent vision of a new Scirocco in New York City is any indication, those faithful fans may soon be rewarded with a U.S. version. Maybe.

Classic Car Club of Manhattan posted a story about spotting a Scirocco R undisguised in the streets of NYC. It said:

The Scirocco R shares a its 2.0L turbo 4 with the Golf R, but the Scirocco drives only the front wheels. Dropping all-wheel-drive affords the Scirocco a 300lb weight advantage over the Golf, resulting in a .7 second quicker sprint to 60. It’s not just about a slightly quicker 0-60 time though, the Scirocco R has much more to offer.

That sounds much more exciting than that old ’87.

Don’t get too excited, though—this could be just a fluke, as there is no official word from VW that the Scirocco is indeed coming back.

Would you want Volkswagen to bring back the Scirocco, or would you rather have one of the classics?


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  1. VW seems to have a bit of a lineup gap that the Scirocco would fill. The Golf seems more like a small sporty sedan (like Scion, Mini, Civic and others) while a new Scirocco will go back to that 2 door sporty coupe like the original. Only problem is that I’m not really sure if a 2 door coupe aligns with the modern market and would sell well enough to make it worth producing. Given VW’s staid lineup, something with a little pizazz might be welcome, though.

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