What Car Would You Buy Tomorrow?

Porsche Cayenne, black

The car question posed last night wasn’t as easy to answer as I expected. I mean, I think about cars every day. In fact, I think about cars for multiple hours every day.

So when asked what I would replace my current car with if it suddenly died, I thought my answer would come swiftly and succinctly. Suddenly, though, my mind flashed with all the possibilities. I put myself in the mindset of this not being a hypothetical question and wondered what car I’d go buy tomorrow if I had to.

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was roaring through town in a new Jaguar, but after careful consideration, that’s not the car I ended up with in my fantasy purchase. I thought it would be.

Thinking about buying a car, even hypothetically, is a funny thing. It starts out as a simple thought, but sooner or later I end up browsing through the used listings and checking prices on cars I might, hypothetically, be interested in driving.

When prices are unexpectedly high, I happily chuckle and thank my lucky stars that I don’t need to buy a car. When prices are surprisingly low, I get excited and begin to wonder if maybe I really should get a different car.

A Porsche Cayenne for $11,500? Heck yes, I can look past the 139,000 miles on the clock! An ’09 Audi Q7 with 50,000 miles for $25,000? Hmmm… a 72-month loan should make that manageable.

There’s nothing wrong with my current car. Aside from the fact that it has 125,000 miles and a check-engine light that stays permanently illuminated, the car is perfectly reliable. It has brand new tires and a regular schedule of synthetic oil changes. I don’t need a different car. But now I kind of think I’d like one.

So what car would I buy if I had to replace mine? I’ve narrowed it down to either that Cayenne, the Q7 or a used BMW M3. Well, if budget wasn’t an issue, I’d wait a few months and spring for a 2015 M3.

Twin turbos and 425 horses sound pretty good. You know, hypothetically.

What car would you buy if you had to replace yours tomorrow?


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  1. An $11000 Porsche Cayenne? Really? How’s the reliability on those? That’s pretty tempting.

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