Big Money and High Technology to Fix an Old Problem

McLaren P1

What’s the best way to spend the most money to fix a simple problem?

Assign a supercar engineer to the task.

Here’s the problem:

During inclement weather, falling condensation in the form of oxidane can accumulate on the windscreen of a vehicle, thereby creating visual impairment and putting the driver and occupants at risk. Additionally, when exposed to freezing conditions, said oxidane can transform into a solid state and create an even bigger problem for drivers by rendering the windscreen opaque.

Compounded with the risk of airborne Anisoptera on American highways, which are unavoidable by vehicles traveling at high rates of speed, drivers face serious risks and need serious technology to intervene.

McLaren seems to be working on this problem with technology commensurate with the threat level. It is working to solve these issues with an advanced system originally developed for use on fighter jets: high-frequency sound waves. Such sound waves will improve visibility while also improving aerodynamics and fuel efficiency and reducing drag.

The high-frequency ultrasound waves, in effect a type of force-field, will be created by a transducer attached near the windshield. Any foreign material entering the force field will almost immediately be either redirected or eliminated.

I, for one, am breathing a huge sigh of relief with this news. For too long drivers such as myself have risked life and limb with every road trip and each journey to the grocery store when the vertical cumulonimbus reach saturation level.

It’s a dangerous world out there, friends, and we should be thankful for new technology to keep us safe from it.

Of course, these problems have existed since the inception of the vehicle. In fact, in 1903, a woman named Mary Anderson proposed a solution that has proven itself over the last 110 years or so. To battle the very same problems we face today, Anderson invented a swinging arm device with a rubber blade that was operated by the driver from within the vehicle.

She invented the windshield wiper.

Are windshield wipers outdated technology?


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  1. Well, when you go out on a rainy day and see a McLaren followed by a pack of howling dogs, you’ll know why.

  2. HA! I had to look up “oxidane.” Brilliant. Just brilliant.
    Wipers are fine with me, thanks!

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