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2015 Mustang

As the auto companies never tire of telling us, car fans have lots to look forward to in the coming year. The 2015 Mustang was already unveiled, totally dominating the auto news a few weeks back, but we’ll have to wait to see sales figures and user reviews to get a clear idea whether the ‘Stang faithful appreciate the new pony car’s increased fuel economy and independent rear suspension. (If they don’t, they might want to grab an old-school 2014, which our reviewer liked quite a bit.)

We’ll also have to wait to see what BMW fans make of the company’s decision to split its legendary 3 Series lineup into separate models for sedans and wagons (still the 3 Series) and coupes (the new 4 Series). Our reviewer found the new 4 Series “sublime to pilot,” but was less impressed with its tech. And of course we look forward to learning more about the new M3 and M4’s “Smokey Burnout” feature, which will likely end up competing with a now confirmed similar “secret feature” on the new Mustang.

What we’re most excited about for 2014, though, is something you’ve already gotten a taste of if you followed either of the links above to our 2014 Mustang and 4 Series pages: The CarGurus site will feature detailed reviews based on extended test drives of top-selling vehicles. Our new reviews will include point ratings on a scale of 1 to 10 in each of 6 categories (Look and Feel, Performance, Form and Function, Technology, Safety and Cost-Effectiveness) as well as an overall score, and we’re confident they’ll provide more useful information to shoppers as well as more enjoyable reading for enthusiasts.

We’ve already test-driven and reviewed more than two dozen 2014s, from the “exacting, finely tuned” Acura MDX to the Volkswagen Passat, “a car that looks more expensive than it really is.” We probably won’t get to test-drive all of 2014’s hottest cars, but do look forward to sharing lots more info about and photos of many of the cars that will dominate next year’s auto headlines.

CarGurus used-car listings have already proven successful for buyers and sellers across the U.S., and during the next year, we’ll improve our site’s presentation and coverage of new cars. We welcome readers’ opinions—please tell us what you think of our test-drive reviews and let us know what cars you’d like to see get the deluxe treatment. We hope you enjoyed your holidays this year and share our excitement as we look forward to 2014. And don’t forget: New Year’s Eve is probably the best day to get a screaming deal on a new car.

Which 2014 vehicle(s) do you want to test-drive?


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