Be Honest: Are You a Distracted Driver?

distracted driving

I’m guilty.

I’ve spent a lot of time on these pages preaching about distracted driving and the dangers therein. I think we all admit that it’s a huge problem, but very few of us willingly admit that we are guilty.

Today, I’m saying it: I’m guilty.

I had my moment of truth when I pulled up next to a truck at a stoplight. Inside was the familiar glow of a phone illuminating the drivers face. He was obviously texting. I shook my head at the complete disregard for safety and silently scolded him for looking at his phone while behind the wheel.

Then, without even thinking, I picked up my phone and checked for new emails.

It wasn’t until messages began downloading and the light turned green that I realized I was doing the exact same thing.

Our phones have become such an extension of ourselves that we don’t even give a second thought to picking them up to see who might have contacted us.

As the realization set in that I was *that* guy, I thought about some other bad driving habits I’ve had that I really shouldn’t admit. But here they are:

I’ve driven with my knees, I’ve talked on the phone, I’ve read texts, I’ve sent texts, I’ve eaten a burrito, I’ve crammed my hand into that little space between the driver’s seat and the center console to retrieve a dropped phone, and I’ve reached onto the passenger side floor for a dropped CD. In fact I’ve probably done all of those at the same time.

I know it’s not safe. I rationalize to myself that I’m a good driver and nothing bad will happen because I’m still in full control, but I also know that’s what everyone says before the accident that changes, or ends, their lives.

Even though we are well into January, I want to share my latest resolution: No more distracted driving. There’s too much at stake.

Be honest, are you a distracted driver?


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