Here’s the Slowest Car On the Road

2014 Chrysler Town & Country

I’ve discovered the slowest car on the road and wonder if this discovery is consistent across the country.

In my neck of the woods, there appears to be some kind of legal obligation to control the speed of these particular cars, probably in an effort to promote slower speeds in other drivers.

The actual result, though, is road rage. That’s especially true when stuck behind one of these cars when late to a party to view the NFC championship game.

I’m willing to bet that very few people have ever been passed by the slowest car ever: the Chrysler Town & Country. Here in Washington, the vans must come equipped with speed-limiting governors, legal contracts for slowness or drivers who lack the ability to put pressure on their right foot.

Whatever the reason, the one car you never want to see when you’re in a hurry is the Chrysler minivan.

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Our Favorites from Boston


Thursday was by all accounts an awesome day. The sun was shining, the temperature was above freezing and, oh, the New England International Auto Show started! We were lucky enough to get to check out the annual show (which runs until January 20 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center), and boy oh boy did we see some amazing cars. For anyone interested in checking out the show, 35 automakers are showing off their newest creations this year and have loads of manufacturer representatives on hand to answer questions.

While we had a great time checking out 2014’s latest and greatest (and believe us, the show has tons of really great cars to see), there were a few we saw for the very first time that really caught our attention. We’ve covered many of these cars in the past, but never had we actually seen one in the flesh. We’re extremely grateful that changed yesterday, and if you haven’t had a chance to see these cars yet, get down to Boston’s Seaport District and check them out.

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Another Great Year Gets Under Way

The 2014 New England International Auto Show

We’re biased, of course, but it looks like 2014 should be another amazing year for car fans. We unfortunately couldn’t attend this year’s Detroit Auto Show, but based on the heaps of coverage we’ve seen, automakers are doing exceptionally well, and that means they’re putting on quite an impressive show in Motor City this week and next. CarGurus did attend the New England International Auto Show press preview this week, and while our local show featured fewer debuts and smoke machines, we did get to see plenty more evidence that the car business feels strong—and that new cars keep getting better and better.

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Buying Cars with Bitcoins?

2013 Tesla Model S and bitcoins

Perhaps this is a sign that I’ve officially become out of touch with advances in technology. I thought I’d been doing pretty well keeping up, as I’m well-versed in things like The Google and The Facebook.

But when a friend mentioned bitcoins to me yesterday, my response was nothing more than a blank stare.

“What kind of coins?”

“Bitcoins,” he answered.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“How can you not know about bitcoins? Someone just bought a Tesla with them!”

That caught my attention. “Someone bought a car with Monopoly money?”

“It’s not Monopoly money,” he replied. “It’s actual worldwide digital currency.”

“So someone strolled into a dealer, paid in these bitcoins, and drove away in a $100,000 car?”


Naturally, I had some research to do.

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Avenger Out, Dart In, Rest of Dodge in Question

2014 Dodge Avenger R/T

The Dodge Avenger is going away. Conventional wisdom says the Durango and Journey should be branded as Rams. The Grand Caravan will likely yield to the Chrysler Town & Country. The Challenger and Charger should last a little longer, at least as niche vehicles.

That leaves the Dart, a fine little car that still falls somewhat short when compared to the competition.

This all begs the question:

Why is Dodge still in existence, and how long can it last?

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A New 2015 F-150, or One of 30 Million Used Ones?

2015 Ford F-150

Top Gear said yesterday it was the most important vehicle at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Yes, the new Ford F-150 has been labeled as superior to the likes of the Toyota FT-1 concept and 2014 911 Targa we covered yesterday.

Are those blokes crazy, or do they make a good point?

Well, they’re crazy, of course. But they make a heckuva good case while basking in the crazy.

Their case is justified by saying the F-150 is:

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Two Stunners Debut in Detroit

Toyota FT-1 concept

Didn’t. See. It. Coming.

Unless you happen to work for Toyota’s R&D department, I’m willing to assume that you didn’t either. The Toyota FT-1 concept has already received ungodly amounts of coverage and even more doses of praise, without even being on the radar of cars to expect at the Detroit Auto Show.

No one knows very much about the car yet, but it follows on the heels of many rumors of Toyota producing a midsize sports coupe collaboratively with BMW.

The new concept also gives us a glimpse into an exciting new direction in terms of Toyota exterior design. It’s hard not to see the FT-1 as potential successor to the legendary Toyota Supra, and it harkens back to Toyota’s past of production sports cars such as the infamous 2000GT, Celica and MR2. If this is any indication, we are in store for the resurrection of Toyota fun.

Of course, Toyota isn’t the only automaker making hearts pound in Detroit.

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Land of the $262,000 Family Car

The $262,000 Peugeot

Today let’s take a few moments to appreciate our ability to buy and sell cars at reasonable prices.

Even though the process of buying a car, especially from a dealer, can take hours (or days, as you’ll soon read), we at the very least know we are paying a fair price. In fact, almost anyone living and working in this country can afford to buy a vehicle.

Cuba, on the other hand, isn’t so fortunate. Until this month, Cuban citizens could purchase new cars only with special government permission, or buy from the available lot of vehicles that were in the country before the 1959 revolution.

Things have finally changed, but the results make me grateful I live where I do.

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The 10 Best of Detroits Past

2013 Detroit Auto Show

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Autos

It’s the beginning of January, and that can mean only one fantastic thing: the 2014 North American International Auto Show is right around the corner. While kids all over the world were sitting up last month waiting for Santa, we were sleeping soundly, knowing Santa probably didn’t have the ability to bring us the things on our wish list.

My, how the tables have turned. Now we’re the sleepless ones, waiting impatiently for Detroit’s auto show to kick off Monday (for the press, at least—the general public can’t go until next Saturday). This year looks to be a particularly promising one, with cars like the 2015 Subaru WRX STi, 2015 GMC Canyon and 2015 Lexus RC F set to make their debuts. We could go on for hours about what we’re excited to see in Detroit this year, but we thought it would be more fun to take a look back at our favorite cars that had their big coming-out parties at the North American International Auto Show in years past. (Don’t worry—we’ll have plenty to say about the 2014 show in a few days.)

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Celebrity Cars (Almost) Anyone Can Own

Michael Jackson Ferrari Testarossa

A Ferrari is just a Ferrari, except for when it’s not.

The 1980s Testarossa defines the decade in the the same ways hairspray, Burt Reynolds and Michael Jackson do. It’s an iconic car and graced the walls of young teenagers everywhere. Even with the rich history of the Testarossa, it’s still a relatively inexpensive car, as far as Ferraris go.

For somewhere between $50,000 and $80,000, a savvy shopper can find a classic Ferrari and be the envy of ’80s kids everywhere. Own the Testarossa that Michael Jackson drove, though, and you’ll elevate yourself to legendary status.

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