Did You Like the Super Bowl Car Ads?


I didn’t think anything could have disappointed me while watching my hometown Seahawks dominate the Super Bowl. Every interception and touchdown filled me with glee, but each super-hyped automobile ad that rolled by stole a little of that cheer.

The car ads didn’t make sense. They were predictable. Even the surprise ads fell flat. On Friday I wrote that I hoped Chrysler would come through and save the day with an ad that would stop us in our tracks.

Chrysler did surprise us, as I’d hoped, but the ad with Bob Dylan failed to impress. In fact, it left me feeling like the company just gave up and used an old formula. Not only did the message lose my attention, Dylan looked moments away from passing out as he said, “Let Germany brew your beer, let Switzerland make your watch, let Asia assemble your phone. We will build your car.”

This from the same Bob Dylan who was the voice of a rebellious counterculture for most of his career. Aside from that, why would a foreign-owned Chrysler diss other foreign carmakers? Not cool. Chrysler hit home runs in its previous Super Bowl efforts, but I’m not buying it this time.

And then there’s the Maserati ad.

A Maserati Super Bowl ad was as likely as a safety on the first play of the game. Technically also an ad from Chrysler, since Maserati is also owned by FIAT, the performance brand shocked everyone by appearing on this stage. The room fell silent for the first few seconds of the ad, but after the next 235 minutes (give or take) of the ad, the people in the room began trying to figure out what this could possibly be. By the time the Maserati logo appeared, I’d lost interest. That was a long way to go announce a new model very few people will even buy.

I gave it the “worst ad” award right then and there, only to strip it of that title after I saw the Audi ad.

What on Earth was that? The doberman-chihuahua thing wasn’t funny, shocking or interesting, and it certainly didn’t make a logical connection to selling a car. This was not only the worst car ad—I think it was the least effective ad of the entire game.

While the ads failed to impress, the game certainly did not. Thank you, Seahawks, for giving the Super Bowl audience to something to get excited about!

Did you have a favorite Super Bowl car ad?


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