I’ll Take a Used One, Please

2015 Subaru Legacy

Sometimes old just looks better than new.

Subaru has spent the last week or so teasing the reveal of its all-new 2015 Legacy, a car that it hopes will morph into a true flagship for the brand.

The sleek silhouette of the revamped sedan looks intriguing but, as with any all-new model, runs the risk of pushing just a little too far.

Based on the concept that debuted at last year’s LA Auto Show, the new Legacy has promised us greatness. Now that official images have leaked ahead of its Feb. 6 debut at the Chicago Auto Show, we have to stop and ask ourselves:

Is this new design better than the outgoing one?


If you like the look of every other car on the market today.

The problem with the new Legacy is that it’s become a victim of peer pressure. If a Ford and a Volkswagen and a Chrysler got together and somehow had a Subaru baby, it would be the new Legacy. Remember when the Jetta went from being a unique and cool car to just another sedan? That’s exactly what’s happened to the Legacy. The last few model years of the Legacy have been kind of quirky and endearing, with a front end that immediately said, “Hi, I’m a Subaru, and I’m probably heading to the ski hill at this very moment.”

2013 Subaru Legacy

2013 Subaru Legacy

The new car’s front end says, “Hey, remember me, I’m a Subaru. Trust me, I know I look like a Ford, but drive me up a mountain and let me prove myself. Please.”

On the positive side, Subaru says the new car will feature an even better interior and an improved Eyesight system, which has proven itself in my life as a scary but useful driving aid. (Adaptive cruise = awesome.)

For disclosure purposes, there’s a 2013 Legacy Limited in my life that I have fallen in love with, and it’s part of the reason I’d rather have the 2013 than the new 2015.

Which Legacy looks better to you: the 2013 model or the new 2015 model?


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