VW Workers Defeat UAW


Who protects you from getting fired? Who has your back when things at work get hard or when your employer decides to increase your share of health benefits?

If you’re like me, the answer is easy: no one except yourself.

Advocating for yourself keeps you working as hard as you can to keep advancing and growing in your career.

As a writer I can tell you that no one will fight for me if my job were threatened. Like you, I can’t get lazy in my work or someone else will come along and work harder.

Advocating for one’s self is better for the employee and for the employer. Who wouldn’t want a workforce determined to work hard and do all they can to keep their jobs?

That’s my thought process for my position on the auto union.

The United Auto Workers union is, in my personal opinion, antiquated and no longer needed. Union leaders seem to know that, and have mounted efforts to organize the workers of foreign automakers in America. In fact, it needs those workers to organize if the union hopes to prosper in the future.

On Friday of last week, workers at Volkswagen’s U.S. manufacturing plan voted against UAW organization, after weeks of being pursued and wooed into representation. That vote was a victory for autoworkers and automakers alike.

An article at The Detroit News said,

Some opponents of the union said the near collapse of Detroit’s Big Three automakers in 2008 played a key role in convincing many not to support the UAW.

Others pointed to the two-tier contracts at U.S. auto plants and noted that some VW workers make more than new workers at U.S. plants.

Why would VW workers need a union to step in when things are already going quite well? Hyundai and Toyota build cars in the U.S. and also have workers who don’t feel the need to be represented by a union. Maybe instead of being constantly pursued by the UAW, workers there should convince their peers at Ford, GM and Chrysler that living without a union is better for everyone.

What are the advantages to having UAW representation?


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