VW Workers Defeat UAW


Who protects you from getting fired? Who has your back when things at work get hard or when your employer decides to increase your share of health benefits?

If you’re like me, the answer is easy: no one except yourself.

Advocating for yourself keeps you working as hard as you can to keep advancing and growing in your career.

As a writer I can tell you that no one will fight for me if my job were threatened. Like you, I can’t get lazy in my work or someone else will come along and work harder.

Advocating for one’s self is better for the employee and for the employer. Who wouldn’t want a workforce determined to work hard and do all they can to keep their jobs?

That’s my thought process for my position on the auto union.

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What to Drive in Sochi

2014 BMW 5 Series

Photo courtesy of BMW in Russia

Last week, the world turned its attention to the resort city of Sochi on Russia’s Black Sea coast for the 2014 Winter Olympics. While television has showed endless montages of athletes winning gold medals, people enjoying the sights and sounds of Sochi, and breathtaking shots of the seemingly endless Caucasus Mountains, one integral part of Russian life has thus far been left out: cars.

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The First Ferrari Turbo Since 1992!


For 22 years Ferrari has made do without a turbo. Not that it’s needed one, considering the Prancing Horse has had no trouble delivering ample amounts of horsepower and thrilling performance on levels rarely challenged by the competition.

To find a turbo Ferrari you’ll have to search your local listings for one of the 1,315 F40 supercars made between 1987 and 1992. The F40 was powered by a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 developing 471 hp with 16 psi of extra boost. Zero-to-60 came as quickly as 3.8 seconds, which is impressive for the era!

Top Gear‘s Jeremy Clarkson believes the F40 is the best supercar the world has ever seen. Can Ferrari’s new turbo match it?

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The Great Corvette Sinkhole of 2014

Corvette sinkhole

By now everyone’s heard about how Mother Nature hates Corvettes. After yesterday’s little outburst of swallowing a few ‘Vettes whole, we can officially add her to the list, which also includes everyone outside the U.S. and anyone who drives a Porsche 911.

Okay, that’s a little unfair. The Corvette is a perfectly fine car and deserves its place in American history. That place is enshrined at the Corvette Museum in Kentucky, which is also where the infamous sports car is built.

It’s a little ironic that the very place that serves as the shrine to Corvette fans everywhere is the same place where a hole in the earth opened up and destroyed more than a few classic ‘Vettes.

But there’s an even more alarming piece to this story.

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Is Your Used Car Worth What You Think?

BMW 328i

Not long ago the auto world panicked over the exceptionally high price of used cars. A perfect storm of unfortunate events contributed to a shortage of pre-owned vehicles.

Back in 2007–2008, the U.S. economy took a nosedive. Soon after, American automakers filed for bankruptcy. Then, in early 2011, an earthquake and devastating tsunami in Japan halted production there. Potential car buyers everywhere put purchases on hold. Car leases were all but eliminated, which of course caused a serious shortage of lease returns, typically a major source of quality used cars.

With new car sales at a halt and people holding on to their existing cars for much longer, the prices of late-model used cars were through the roof. In fact, sometimes it was more expensive to buy used than to buy new.

Finally, some 5 years later, things are getting back to normal.

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Koenigsegg One:1 Could Be the Perfect Balance


Typically we like to keep the conversation here focused on cars and advice that apply to the vast majority of car owners. Shopping for used cars, updates on popular new models and inquisitive pondering on the state of the auto industry are common fodder among these pages.

Every once in a while, though, we have to let our inner teenager out and marvel at the latest happenings in the supercar industry.

The odds of any of us acquiring one of the world’s most powerful supercars aren’t particularly good, but when a brand new car shows up on the scene to challenge everything we’ve known about powerful cars, we definitely take notice.

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Could Car Sharing Go Luxury?

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250

Even when sitting parked in the garage, a car costs big money.

Owning a car is like having a constantly running meter of dollar signs adding to your monthly financial obligations. Things like insurance, fuel, maintenance, parking and loan payments contribute to the gigantic price of owning a vehicle.

Not driving your car certainly reduces the costs of having it, but you’ll never eliminate the financial obligations of car ownership.

Public transportation is a viable option when trying to reduce or eliminate commuting costs. The tradeoff, though, is becoming reliant on someone else’s schedule and being forced to interact with certain members of humanity you otherwise might choose to avoid.

Car sharing is a fairly new phenomenon and might be just the solution for those who need to reduce their transportation costs but don’t want to give up the freedom of having a car. If only some cooler cars were available….

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Flashing While Driving: Now Legal!

speed trap

There’s big, big news in the world of cars today. It’s not often that a piece of news or legislation or automotive awesomeness comes along that completely lights up my days and nights.

When it happens, though, it needs to be acknowledged and celebrated.

The news I discovered yesterday has not only caused me to rest easier while driving, it will save me (and you) money while adding another level of protection and camaraderie on the streets of these great United States.

What could have such a big influence on the state of driving?

The answer, as briefly as possible, is:

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Could That Used Car Be a Classic Car?

1994 Dodge Viper

When listening to the classic rock station, I’m accustomed to hearing music from Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd. So when a Metallica song came on the other day, I thought the station switched without my consent. When I realized the channel was still locked firmly on classic rock, I had a small tantrum.

“Metallica is NOT classic rock,” I said to myself. “I listened to Metallica as a teenager, just a few short… umm… oh man, 15-20 years ago.”

Holy moly, it’s true. Metallica are now considered a classic rock band.

Today I’m having the same realization about cars.

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I’ll Take a Used One, Please

2015 Subaru Legacy

Sometimes old just looks better than new.

Subaru has spent the last week or so teasing the reveal of its all-new 2015 Legacy, a car that it hopes will morph into a true flagship for the brand.

The sleek silhouette of the revamped sedan looks intriguing but, as with any all-new model, runs the risk of pushing just a little too far.

Based on the concept that debuted at last year’s LA Auto Show, the new Legacy has promised us greatness. Now that official images have leaked ahead of its Feb. 6 debut at the Chicago Auto Show, we have to stop and ask ourselves:

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