Look Out BMW, Here Comes the Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE

I gave the car two chances. I bought the first one brand new after negotiating a killer deal, then sold it two years later when I noticed the devastating effects of rapid depreciation along with a host of technical issues.

A few years later I found the same make, model and trim level on a used car lot, and fell into temptation and bought it again.

I shouldn’t have, because the same issues began to surface.

The lack of power. The strange amount of effort it took to put the car in reverse. The power windows sporadically not working. Then, after a couple years of driving, the refusal of the engine to rev past 3,000 rpm.

Ahhh, the pleasures of owning a Jaguar.

I traded in that second car just two months ago, swearing that my time with Jags was done. But the Jaguar of 2004 and the Jaguar of today are two very different animals, and there’s a new small sedan on the way.

The time may come to have yet another look into exotic cat ownership.

Back in ’04 the X-Type had the same classic look as saloons from generations prior. The quad headlight setup and sculpted hood led to a tall greenhouse and a sloped rear that looked elegant on bigger Jags but lost some luster in the translation to a small car. In my experience, the car did turn heads and gave an air of wealth, but anyone who knew cars knew the truth: The X-Type wasn’t all that far removed from a Ford Mondeo or Mercury Sable.

The new entry-level Jaguar has to overcome these shortcomings. Judging from spy shots and a teaser image, the Jaguar XE is off to a great start. With looks modeled after the sinister XF and an economical but modern 4-cylinder driving all four wheels, this is the small Jag that could finally challenge BMW in the entry-level performance luxury sedan segment.

Am I intrigued enough to take another chance and buy new when it comes out? No. This time I’ll play it safe and wait until used ones hit the market.

Depreciation can be a real buzzkill!

From what we know so far, would you want the Jaguar XE over a BMW 3 Series?

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