Selling Cars with Convenience and Parties


Think of two things that would make your life better right now. Take a few minutes, if you like, and really put some thought into what needs to happen to make you happy.

I thought of my two pretty quickly, and I’ll share them in a moment. First, though, let your mind wander. What events or changes in society would lead you to a happier, more content, less stressed and overall more satisfying existence?

Here are my two:

  1. No more red lights.
  2. Invitations to lavish parties.

Thanks to one selfless automaker committed to making the world a better place, we get both.

In my perfect world of pure happiness, red lights would see my car coming and automatically switch to green for my convenience. Audi knows this. While it hasn’t gone so far as to force lights to turn green on approach, the carmaker has come up with a way to limit time at reds.

Using local data on traffic patterns and the timing of lights, along with the speed and heading of the car, Audi’s system

provides a countdown timer of when the next traffic light will change to green, letting you adjust your speed accordingly so you hopefully don’t have to come to a full stop. The system—which is currently being tested in Europe—can also automatically stop and start your vehicle when waiting at a light to conserve fuel or battery life.

That’s the kind of technology our cars need. Knowing when a light will change is far more important than having a touchscreen or the ability to connect an iPhone. I recently bought a used Audi (Thank you, CarGurus used listings!) and kind of, almost, wish I had waited for this technology.

Perhaps in the future I’ll buy a new Audi A3 after being invited to a launch party.

The German automaker is charging its dealers with throwing blowout bashes, with predominantly hip young folks—the A3’s target buyer—in attendance.

Not much more is known just yet, but the idea is to corral well-off potential buyers, woo them with food, drink and music, then hope the experience translates to new-car purchases.

It’ll probably work, since everyone loves a good party. Especially if the cars come with the ability to change red lights to green.

Will Audi’s new technology and sales tactics woo you in for a test drive?


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