Subaru Dealer Wins Union Fight


Kill ’em with love and humor.

What better way to combat a hostile situation than by offering up some comedy. Maybe we could avoid everything from wars to domestic disputes by simply opening our arms and asking for a hug, then telling a joke.

I know it sounds like I’ve gone all hippie, but when we all just get along, things are so much happier. For the latest proof of this concept, I direct your attention to a Subaru dealership in Wichita, which has effectively diffused a union protest.

There aren’t a lot of details as to why, but local union workers recently came out to protest the dealership with a large sign that read, “Shame on Subaru Wichita.” I don’t know why the dealer deserved shame, but marketing people there took it upon themselves to explain the situation with a banner that said: “For Having Unbeatable Prices.”

On the dealer’s Facebook page, someone at the dealership wrote,

We fully support every American’s freedom to exercise their First Amendment Rights, but when we disagree, we’re going to exercise ours (and have fun at the same time). Stop by and see for yourself!

That’s a win for the dealer! But the story doesn’t end there.

The protesters moved their sign so the sentence didn’t make sense, but the dealer added a comma to the sign and posted a new photo with the caption: “Don’t hate, punctuate.”

Brilliant move.

So brilliant, in fact, that the marketing and media manager at Subaru Wichita said that in the past week, he’s seen a 50 percent increase in Facebook likes and Twitter followers, and more than 20,000 YouTube views of videos about his sign.

That, my friends, is how to diffuse a tense situation and turn it into marketing gold.

Would you be more likely to buy a car from a dealership that made light of a union protest? 


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