Camry Now Thinks It’s a Lexus


Toyota or Lexus?

Can the most boring car in the world be transformed into something exciting?

When a car is meant as a reliable and practical mode of transportation, it inherently isn’t exciting. When a car winds up in as many rental fleets as driveways, we can assume it’s not a car that’s driven by auto enthusiasts. While there’s nothing offensive about the styling of cars like these, they will never catch your eye, either.

Yesterday we took some shots at Lexus for pushing the design envelope too far, and now there’s news that the 2015 Toyota Camry is following the same path.

Can, and should, one of the most boring cars in the world be transformed into something exciting?

The new 2015 Toyota Camry has been unveiled and introduces a new look to the storied sedan’s dynasty. It’s a dynasty, though, that has built a reputation for reliability, value, and uneventful motoring. The extensive refresh is meant to change things and add a little more adrenaline to the driving experience- an experience that has traditionally appealed to people who aren’t really interested in driving.


Now THAT’S a Camry

By changing the dynamics of the Camry, Toyota is betting that the dynamics of its customers are also changing. That’s dangerous. Will a conservative buyer be attracted to an aggressive Camry?

By some accounts, the Camry is the best sedan to buy. It carries a certain level of comfort, it doesn’t break down, and you can tell everyone you know you drive a safe, practical car. At no point will you ever be known as the wild one of your group, however.

The new Camry ‘s design has a lot of Lexus influence on the outside while including higher-grade materials inside and extra noise insulation for an even quieter ride.

CNET says,

The new Camry features LED high- and low-beam headlamps with housings that have been reshaped to match the more-aggressive frowny-face lower grille. Flanking the grille are deeply set LED fog lamps. If you’re a fan of the 2014 Corolla’s in-your-face design or the Lexus brand’s spindle grille, you’ll find the new Camry’s design challenging, interesting, and sporty.

I don’t like it. I’d choose a used Camry over this one. The look is front-heavy and awkward to me, and I’d rather my Camry look like a Camry, not a Camry playing dress-up to look like a Lexus. Since there’s no major change to the engineering, the Camry is still a transportation appliance, just an edgier one. It’s like opting for the stainless steel fridge instead of the plain white one.

Do you like the look of the new Camry?


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