Dodge Puts on Purity Ring, Promises Return to Roots

2013 Dodge Dart SRT

Dodge: Losing weight and gaining speed

Like many middle-aged American men, Dodge has grown fat and slow. Over the years, its passion for life and zest for thrilling speed have given way to bloated discomfort and expanding waistlines.

Why live fast and stay young and fit when you can fall into the comfort of wide seats and underpowered motivation?

Yes, the younger Dodge was strong and attractive, while the modern Dodge has pretty much given up on life. Dodge is the overweight guy who goes to Walmart in sweatpants and slippers, because he doesn’t really care anymore. He’s been married forever, has no one left to impress and would be happy in an existence of slow degradation until the end.

Sometimes all it takes is one event to inspire change. Dodge seems to have experienced that event and has vowed to “purify” itself, according to Automotive News.

Over the last two decades or so, Dodge has become synonymous with minivans and slow sedans. To regain its edge and return to the glory it once knew, the brand will move toward extroverted, adventurous, aggressive and exciting styling and performance. To do that, it will dump the Grand Caravan and already has left the Avenger in the dust.

According to the AN article, it will:

add a subcompact hatch in early 2018 and will redo the Dart compact sedan in 2016. That same year, it will add a high performance SRT version of the Dart.

The Journey CUV will be re-engineered in 2016 and will add a high performance SRT version in early 2017.

Dodge’s existing lineup, including the SRT Viper, will all be refreshed by mid 2015, while the Challenger and Charger will be re-engineered in 2018.

Talk about taking some time to lose fat and gain muscle! That’s never a fast process, but if the promises hold true, we could see a return to the vibrant and vigorous Dodge we loved so much in years past.

With help from family, especially the Italian side and Alfa Romeo, Dodge has a very real chance of returning to glory.

That said, the Grand Caravan has been a bread-and-butter vehicle for a good 20 years. Plenty of families will lament its demise, but they can rest assured it will live on in the used market for many years to come.

Does a purified Dodge look appealing to you?


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