Would You Drive Your Dream Car Every Day?

Ferrari FF

What’s your daily driver?

Most of us have a car we drive every day to work, to the grocery store and to the corner market when we’re jonesin’ for a peach Snapple.

The car that transports us in our daily activity usually is not the same car we dream of cruising, or racing, on the weekends. Whether it’s a project car or an off-the-lot new car that you’ve always dreamed of owning, odds are you’re not going to drive it every day once it’s been obtained.

But you know what? Maybe you should.

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These Cars Should Have Flopped


This one probably should have been on the list too

Yesterday we learned that the Cadillac ELR is in the process of becoming one of the biggest flops in automotive history.

That’s quite the honor for General Motors and another notch for a company that has a history of creating flops. To be fair, the General also has the quite the history of creating smashing successes, but today we’re focused on flops. More specifically, let’s look at cars that should have been flops, but somehow managed to live much longer than they should have.

This’ll be fun.

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Cadillac ELR: Biggest Car Flop Ever?

2014 Cadillac ELR

Ahhhh, karma.

It’s proving to me that maybe Americans can hope not to go down in history as the arrogant materialistic egomaniacs for which we are gaining a reputation.

Even American advertisers advertising to American consumers seem to believe all we care about is working every day of our life and ignoring our families so we can buy expensive cars.

Okay, maybe that’s a generalization, but at least one car company took that approach to sell a new model, and wouldn’t you know it, that model now looks to be on track to go down in history as one of the biggest automotive flops of all time.

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Bigger and Better: Combining Cargo Capacity and Fuel Economy


Every driver has a different set of expectations and needs for his or her primary vehicle. What meets my needs might not work for you at all, and your ideal car might be the last one I’d ever consider buying for myself. No wonder arguments about cars often get out of hand.

CarGurus user reviews provide a good idea of whether and how well a particular car met the needs of one driver, and based on car reviews received from our users over the course of the last year, it looks like most drivers are pleased with their cars. Our user reviews invite submitters to score a car from 1 to 5 points in a number of different categories, and with more than 10,000 reviews received from April 2013 through April 2014, three categories received average scores of 4.5—Reliability, Style and Overall—and Front Seat, Handling, Power and Price each earned averages of more than 4.

The two categories that received the lowest average scores were Cargo Space at 3.9 and Fuel Economy at 3.7. These qualities generally have had to be traded off in vehicles, since increasing size reduces fuel economy with all other things being equal. But cars get better with every passing year, and these days it’s possible to find vehicles with plenty of room as well as reasonable gas mileage. So here’s a look at our top 10 2014 vehicles for cargo capacity and mileage across a number of segments.

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Let’s Hope the Honda S2000 Doesn’t Return

Honda S660

These are the announcements for which I live.

There was a time when announcements such as this were few and far between, when nothing even remotely interesting crossed the news wire and life in the land of automobiles was as dull as a 1995 Impala.

In recent years, though, things have heated up, and automakers have teased exciting additions to their product lines. Lexus did it, Toyota did it, Subaru did it, Alfa Romeo continues to do it, and now, Honda is doing it.

Honda is doing it wrong, but at least it’s trying.

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Does Selling Cars on Consignment Make Sense?


Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta: candidate for consignment

Bear with me on this analogy for a moment, gear heads. If you have a wife or girlfriend, this won’t be too difficult to comprehend.

When your significant other wants to get rid of some of her high-end clothes, what does she do? She won’t just give them away. She won’t typically put them on Craigslist and can’t trade them in for new clothes. If your girl is anything like mine, she’ll most likely take the big-money items to a consignment shop.

So why, guys and gals, when it’s time to sell a car, do we just list them on a classified site or trade them in? Could car consignment work?

There are a growing number of such businesses across the U.S., but a word of caution is in order before you go down that path.

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Solar Roadways Inch Closer to Reality

solar roadways

Great ideas often fade into the vast emptiness of history before being realized or appreciated.

The bigger the idea, the less likely it is to gain traction. That’s usually because big ideas take big money and usually require some kind of shift in paradigm.

Challenging the status quo is so hard because people like doing things they way they’ve always been done. Even if a new way is better or makes more sense, those invested in the old way will make progress very difficult. The way we build roads is a prime example.

Many of the roads we drive on are as old as vehicles themselves. They are a crumbling mass of expansive and expensive asphalt that become ice rinks in the winter and chunked-out obstacle courses come spring.

An Idaho company has a big idea to change things, and wants to cover the U.S. in solar-powered glass roads that provide electricity, melt ice and safely guide motorists with built-in LED lighting.

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Ten Best Cars for Lovers of the Great Outdoors

2014 Jeep Wrangler

Up here in New England, we’re spending every waking moment outside right now, enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We’re taking advantage of it while we can, as no one here knows exactly how long it will be until Mother Nature decides it’s time for more snow—could be 6 months, could be 6 hours. One thing that is for sure: We’re going to enjoy every last drop of this sunshine while it’s here.

While it’s great to look out over Harvard Square and see smiles on faces, birds chirping and trees in bloom, we can’t help but want to get out of the city a bit to go enjoy the mountains, rivers, lakes and beaches that New England calls its own. While a lot of different cars will do the trick of getting people to the great outdoors, a select few can make the experience even better.

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Tips to Avoid Traffic School

Police Stop

Not getting a ticket seems so simple.

All you have to do is follow the rules of the road, and you’re virtually guaranteed to live a life free of traffic tickets and, worse, traffic school.

Go the speed limit, stop at stop signs, use your blinker, yada yada yada. It’s not hard to follow the rules of the road.

Unless, of course, your car has other plans. Sometimes traffic rules just don’t jive with what your car has in mind. This became evident in two scenarios over the past week that should serve to remind us all of the importance of not getting pulled over and thus avoiding a weekend in traffic school.

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BMW Going Full Frontal

2014 BMW Z4 roadster

Full frontal is rarely a good thing. It messes with people’s heads and adds a dynamic that just doesn’t translate to effective performance.

I’m talking, of course, about front-wheel drive.

It’s the most common type of drivetrain on the market today, but I attribute that to the fact that most cars are appliances, and the front-engine, front-drive format typically provides the most economical and versatile driving setup for most people.

The truly great cars, though, are rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and BMW build cars that don’t use FWD. Well, for now. BMW is about to fall off that list.

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