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Not even a year ago I received a text that changed my future.

The note, which was accompanied by a photo, said, “This is what we need for when we have all four kids. No way are we getting a minivan.”

The picture was of a white Audi Q7.

Naturally, I nearly spit my lemonade out my nose, because the Q7 was about as attainable as a rocket ship. Which, essentially, is what I said in reply. Not long after it was suggested that we make a vision board, a poster consisting of pictures of everything we want in life.

The Q7 made it onto that board.

Just weeks later, a perfect used Q7 cropped up. It was the right color, had roof racks for our paddle boards, had fairly low mileage and most of all, was priced very affordably. That Q7 was the first thing crossed off our vision board.

It’s been replaced with another car, but before we get to that, let’s take a look at cars you should put on your vision board. Be ready, though—you might find one sooner than you think!

Aston Martin V8 Vantage


I’m keeping things reasonable here. I could have included the DBS or the One-77. Let’s dream big, but at least constrain ourselves a little bit. Gotta keep it real, right?

Lotus Elise

2006 Lotus Elise 2dr convertible-pic-32570

These were fairly cheap to buy new, so used ones are even more attractive. Put one on your board if you like the small-displacement, lightweight approach.


BMW M5 E39 (Blue)

If you have a family but haven’t outgrown your craving for speed, performance and throaty engine sounds, you need to be dreaming of the day you own an M5. Look for an E39 version, and that day could come very soon.

Chevrolet Corvette


I’m not a Corvette guy, but I understand that many people are. Find an older model and you’ll have a car that’s only slightly more complex than a stone axe but will provide years of fun with very little maintenance.

Porsche 911

This is the latest car on my vision board. I don’t need a new one; I’d take an ’88 any day. Those cars were raw and pure and fun to drive, as opposed to the computer-controlled Porsches of today.

What cars would you put on your vision board?


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