Anyone Else Ready for the Tesla Model X?

Tesla Model X

It all started with a tiny squeak behind the fireplace.

Some investigation on my part led to the discovery of a baby mouse in the venting system, which in turn led to the removal of handfuls of insulation, which in turn led to the discovery of a perfectly folded newspaper dated September 1988.

I thought maybe I had discovered a hidden stash of money long forgotten by a previous owner, but all I found was a 26-year-old sports section. After the disappointment subsided I headed to the garage to look deep into its abyss to find some tools, so I could fix the damage I did in my quest to remove said mouse and prevent others from entering my abode.

It was there that I made my great discovery. A discovery that could potentially set me up for a future of gas-free motoring.

The previous owner of the house had installed a 220-volt car charger in the back corner behind some built-in shelving, apparently in an effort to be ready for the coming apocalypse of gas-powered vehicles.

I was elated, because on the very same day, I happened to read about Tesla’s plan to launch its new Model X SUV in 2015.

I’m one of those guys who needs a 3-row all-wheel-drive SUV for daily use, and the Model X could suit those needs perfectly. Plus, as a completely added bonus, it will come complete with “falcon wing” doors and AWD standard, with optional third-row seating.

I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high, because pricing hasn’t been revealed yet. Considering the Model S starts at about $69K, I’m guessing it’ll be out of this car blogger’s price range until decade-old used ones are on the market.

Unless, of course, I find more newspaper folded up behind my fireplace, this time concealing stacks of hundred-dollar bills. In that case, my newly found car charger will be put to good use!

Could the new Tesla Model X suit your needs?


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