Buying a Car for the First Time?

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Remember your first time?

Mine was the culmination of a lot of searching, a lot of saving and then a long journey to find what I wanted.

The effort, time and money finally paid off when I experienced one of the greatest first times a young adult could possibly dream of: I bought my first car.

Actually, my first car was a truck and exactly what I wanted in a first vehicle. I bought it just as summer began and looked forward to many long days and warm nights of newly purchased freedom.

With a new summer dawning, plenty of teens and young adults will be considering their first vehicle purchase. What should they look for?

I have a friend whose first time was as fast and sexy as possible; he purchased a used 1994 Dodge Viper in 1998. That car blew mine away, of course, and I drooled over and ogled that thing while begging for rides on the twisty roads just outside of town.

His purchase was funded by an inheritance, and I highly recommend NOT buying a supercar as a first car. The stress of owning it was unbelievable, and he sold the car a few years later. Buying used is smart, but buying cheap is even smarter.

When buying a first car, buy something you won’t mind dinging up, because there will be incidents with shopping carts. Buy something that will be reliable, because nothing kills the excitement of a first car like a major first repair bill. A first car should be easy on the gas and cheap to insure. It should also divert the attention of the police, because owners of first cars tend to get a little spirited behind the wheel.

With this advice, the most obvious choices for a first car are standard fare like the Civic or Corolla. However, there’s one more thing to keep in mind for a first car: It has to induce some kind of passion. For me, that passion took the form a 1984 Toyota Pickup, just like the one in Back to the Future.

For first-time car buyers today, I would recommend a used Subaru WRX, Scion FR-S or, for the off-road crowd, a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

What would you recommend as the perfect first car?


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